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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by mabman, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. mabman

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    Well it has been a hard year for me and without going in to details the latest bummer in my life is that I have to sell my Whizzer. I bought this a year ago from a forum member and it is a great machine. You can park this next to a custom Harley and it will get more looks.

    The motor is a early 90's stock w/ auto clutch but the rest of the bike is pure custom. The frame was handmade in Canada. The wheels are Worksman hub brake models that fit the bike to a T. The paint is serviceable and the saddle is a comfy as any you will find and suits the riding position very well as the knee action front fork smooths out the road in front of you.

    It is in a friends shop in Austin, TX and I am in Oregon but he is willing to pack and ship the bike professionally (he is in the custom bike business) to anywhere in the world but that cost will be the onus of the buyer. If you live in TX you can just go and get it and start cruising that day on a one of a kind Whizzer that will get you bugs on your teeth because you will be grinning so hard every time you ride it:grin5:

    The price is set at $1500 fob Austin which is far below replacement cost and a fair price for something of this caliber I feel. On with the pics. Also after these pics were taken a set of black maltese cross pedals were added to the bike along with the chrome header guard.

    Thanks for looking!


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  2. ibdennyak

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    Woah, that's a one of a kind machine
  3. mabman

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    Thought I would make a last stab here at trying to sell this fine machine. Offers? No one knows any more than me how tight money is at this time but if you have any extra this would be a great way to spend it. Summers coming and for something that will get out in the wind and show off custom Harley's in the parking lot this is cheap!
  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi mabman,

    Looks like a late 90's motor with the NE upgrade kit.

    Your price is too low! If anyone ever wanted a Whizzer, this would be the best bargain around.

    The value of the new generation Whizzers are gaining in value because there is a lull in production at the moment.

    I was getting ready to post one of my vintage [unrestored 1948 WZ] Whizzers on this site for sale at $2000.00, but your price is just too good to compete with.

    Have fun,
  5. mabman

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    Thanks Quenton. I couldn't remember if you told me after I bought it if it was early or late 90's....too much going on in my brain at this time and not much of it to do with MAB's. But I'll be back!

    If someone wants to offer me more for it then they are certainly welcome to! OBO works both ways:grin5:


    PS: The new drive is looking good, keep it up EZM!
  6. Blotto

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    Please can you tell me how much it weighs. Also the length from bottom of headstock to rear hub, ie length of box needed if stripped down.
  7. bbb

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    I've liked that bike since i 1st saw it...beautiful
  8. Wheres my dog

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    It must truly hurt to sell something like this...

    I pray life works out and you caan keep her!

    TREEWK Member

    mabman, that is a beauty!! good luck ron
  10. Is that bike still for sale? I'm looking to buy one. Thanks
  11. Hi me again I was trying to email you but the email was not attach to the reply???
    If your bike still for sale can you Email me at:
    I leave in Canada British Colombia and I'll arrange the delivery if you want me to? Thanks in advance.

  12. Frankfort MB's

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    I seriously doubt he has the bike any more because this thread is from 6 years ago!!! READ THE FULL PAGE!!