Custom Stretched Cruiser Bike - Bassman33 Replica

Finally finished assembling this project. I call her Cherry-It. It is ready for dropping a Whizzer or a 50 CC engine in it. Just add a tank. Would also make a killer electric bike project.

Took it out for it's first & only spin - 12 very comfortable miles - like cruising on a coach on the back of an old Caddy! Very nice Bassman33 replica, but rides with an even lower toptube.

Unfortunately, I have to sell it to pay for a killer deal on a '72 Cafe Racer motorcycle. I think I will build up another with the same style frame as a board track racer with a supped up Whizzer engine. I will weld in the BB at the rear of the bike to allow for rearset foot position, slinging the body forward on Clubman bars.

If anyone is interested in buying this exact bike or having me build them up one like this, let me know.

Bassman 33 replica frame - flat black
Silver billet Alloy Grips
Flat black sideview mirror
iRide Customs bars to my specs - 30" wide & long stretch! - Flat black
.243 Racing black downhill short reach stem. 1 1/8" x 50mm
black headset
Many alloy spacers for comfy bar height
Choppers US black double crown fork
Choppers US rubber bumper guards
Electra chrome fork struts
Electra chrome bullet light with LED lightbulb
Custom sized 24" wheel flared fenders - flat black.
Electra mudlfap with chrome stripper girl medallion
Vegan fake suede tan saddle with black springs - feels real, will stay cleaner longer! Has tucks & piping.
Pirate skull red flashing tail light under saddle.
Black mtb. seat post
Electra bookrack flat black seat clamp
Electra Cruiser Fat tire sized bookrack, alloy flat black anodized
Chrome 50's rocket style rear tail light
1 fake black leather side saddle bag (shape matches book rack & fender)
Chrome shorty kickstand
24" x 3" Kenda flame tires
24 x 3" tubes
Custom 144 spoked black stainless spokes on hand made gloss black 24 x 2.125 motorcycle style rim, chrome brass nipples, chrome coaster hubs, alloy valve cap, wide 22 sprocket
Chrome 1/8" straight edged Shadow Conspiracy Frestyle BMX chain (looks like a chainsaw chain or motorcycle chain). This took 2 chains to make (about $70 in chains alone).
Redline BMX short Bullet 3 pc. chomolly chrome cranks.
FSA 44 tooth flat black alloy BMX sprocket with 5 machined holes.
Sealed redline BMX American BB with black alloy cups & cones.
Tioga Alloy BMX chrome plated pedals with removable pins - probably the thinnest pedals out there to prevent scraping on driveways

Email me at dv8cam at hotmail dot com for closeup pics & with your offers. Thanks!

Thank you Dan from iRide for the custom fab work!



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Sep 7, 2008

Thats a nice bike! will a 70 H.T frame mount engine fit in this bike or will the front sprocket be in the way? Also where are you located?


I honestly don't know, but the front sporcket is wayup fornt & out of the way compared to regular frames. I am in the San Fernando valley


New Member
Nov 8, 2008
will the bike chain get in the way with engine mount? i havnt built one yet . If i did it would be that frame size