Custom Tecumseh Trike for sale $150

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by custom_tecumseh, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm selling my incomplete trike project because I already have cheap good weather transport (that old honda in the background) and I need the money because I'm currently not working.

    Questions and comments appreciated.

    Description Quanity Price
    Trike 1 $0.00
    Primer 3 $5.00
    Paint 0 $0.00
    Tecumseh H35 Engine 1 $75.00
    Comet Torq- A-verter TAV2 #41 1 $150.00
    Brake-Lite System 1 $7.50
    Schwinn springer fork 1 $43.00
    Kill Switch 1 $11.35
    42 tooth sprocket 1 $16.50
    1" headset 1 X
    Rear Shock 1 X
    Chain, washer, links 1 $17.00
    7/8" Twist grip throttle 1 $12.98
    3/4" jackshaft setup 1 $29.78
    50 T sprocket 1 $13.78

    Total = $381.89

    I had tried to get it running this summer but i was having trouble with stopping the trike. When I would try to back-pedal to slow down, the bike would surge, until the chain popped off or broke the master link.

    I was trying to fix the problem by using a 3/4" clutch that came with the tecumseh for free. By placing the clutch before the chain drove the axle I thought I could alleviate the problem.

    Currently I have not tried to run it with the clutch now in the setup just because I havent felt like spending anymore money on the project, I would need to buy #35 chain since that is what the clutch and the rear sprocket now are.

    The engine ran fine, except that the plastic plumbing fixture that routes the gas into the carb leaks.

    When it did run it had plenty of power (3.5hp tecumseh + TAV2 torque-a-verter :) )

    Before it would be rideable it would need the rear axle fixed, or suspended properly to the bike frame (it pivots freely where the trike rear end attaches to the regular bicycle frame)

    Again, questions comments appreciated, I can get more pics to anyone interested.

    I would prefer the buyer pickup the bike, but i am willing to work with you on that , I may even be able to deliver since gas is cheap again

    Edit: I'm in Howe, Indiana


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  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    man...that's a killer deal..... well worth the money!!

    unfortunately money is the key. and I don't have room for any more projects, right now.

    have you considered parting it out??
    might net you some more bucks.... & faster.
  3. Yeah I will probably end up parting out the trike, I already have someone that is interested in the TAV2, so if you need anything else that is on this trike just pm me.

  4. Parting Trike, here's is some pics of the TAV2 that I have removed from the trike.

    As you can see it has some surface rust on it from setting...

    If there is anything you need that it looks like I have, I would be more than happy to see if we can make a deal.

    I would like sell the TAV2 for $130 shipped, ebay has new ones for $160 shipped i think, this one is practically new, but again some rust there.


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  5. TAV2 sold, all other parts are only a pm away....