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  1. after my research is more complete im going to be fabricating a mild steel expansion chamber specifically for the "80cc" engine kits that will fit on any beach cruiser type bike or even others im not sure. and instead of just rolling my own sheet im talking to a company about having the expansion chamber cones pre made and if i do i think i might have to make a minimum order of 10. so if im going to do all the mock up for one i might as well do 10 or so. and if i do i want to make sure i can get rid of them.

    so . . . . chime in if you would be interested and give me a ball park for what you would pay for one. these are going to be mild steel, around 55" painted in high temp exhaust paint and wrapped in header wrap. as of right now im not sure i would be providing a muffler with the system, but who knows it could be possible. who wants a muffler though? :devilish:

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    i'm intrested dunno about price tho
  3. hmm i thought more people would chime in. well i contacted the place and the orders would be pretty steep, however im working with them to get some pre-made sizes made for the cones, they were planning on a line of 2 stroke cones but really dident have any where to start. but that's going to take a while. so i guess i will have to roll my own cones for now. not sure how its going to work for a few reasons, mainly because the correct tuned length of the pipe for our engines needs to be 54" long. which is going to be a ***** to bend and get tucked up nice and clean.
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    Re:HT custom expansion chambers

    Hello runslikeapenguin,
    I MAY be interested only if you were to make an expansion chamber to fit a Tecumseh 139 cc 2 stroke engine;will also consider any other sources/links for custom expansion chamber-prototype,or universal-for my Tecumseh project engine!!

    Any way,Good Luck with the R & D!!
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    As I've never learned to leave things alone I would have no choice
    but to get one( 80cc Power King job ) a muffler would be an added plus.
    Check out the muffler setups used in Kart racing if you need to steal
    some ideas.
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    I would be interested depending on the price.
  7. it looks like i am going to be rolling this all my self but even so i would much rather roll out 10-15 at once.
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    Id be interested too, but again, price. Not really certain how much I would pay for this
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    got a price?
  10. no, im actually putting this off for a little bit, i have bigger motorized fish to fry temporarily.
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    dude! im interested!!! a lot! thanx
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    Hello echotraveller,
    I think your confused about who is taking pre-orders for the custom tuned expansion pipes;I have been looking for a custom tuned expansion puipe for a Tecumseh 2 stroke
    for a while now,but I do not make them,let alone sell 'em!!
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    lol, i thought the thread starter was going to design then make a minimum of 10....but its ordering a kit i have a lot of work in my hands right now...hihih