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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by chreza96, Nov 21, 2014.

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    Does anyone know where i can buy a rear bike wheel for a beach cruiser with more motorcycle style bearings. I have an 80cc 2 stroke motor on my bicycle and i come up with 2 problems. 1 the bearings over heat and all the oil starts to drip out of them and 2 its to hard on the brake arm. So i want a wheels that more made to go those speeds

  2. KCvale

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    Can you take the time to fill in the details of what you have and maybe a picture?

    So your back wheel on some un-named bike is 'leaking oil' from the hub?
    If it's a Huffy bike that was to be expected, and the 'oil' is whats left of the bearing grease and bearings, hence the overheating.

    There are plenty of good coaster brake hubs and wheels but you need the size.
    You might be better off just taking the back wheel to a local bike shop and have them take a look, if your hub is intact on the inside they can install new coaster brake and bearing guts.
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    Cuz I got nothing better to due your avg.Dubain or whatever,80%of the pop survives on a few hundred dollars a month, according to lonely planet. Com So it'd be like parking your rolls in Watts and thinkin your hubcaps will be safe.I'm not being mean we're all lazy I hate having to lock my bike