Cut Off-Road Rage Controlled-How ? Why ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mountainman, Aug 19, 2008.

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    It did not take long - although yes - there had been some slight cut offs from drivers of those big cars and things - but - yesterday topped them all to date ! Guy on his cell phone in a car turned right in front of me while entering into a business driveway - causing me to almost run into him - key word here should be noted - ALMOST..

    First Instinct Was Played Out
    I hollered as I put my brakes on -- what the heck !!

    Then Second Form of Action Was
    to follow him into the parking lot - so as to tell him a few things !!!

    Third - Get ready Mountainman -- action time --- maybe ??

    The foreigner smiled as he put his hands up in the air
    and pointed to his cell phone in his hand
    as if to say -- that dang cell phone made me do it.

    Well -- I came to my senses
    smiled at the man - kind of - and drove away

    not sure if I did - but - should have thanked God
    that no one got hurt - including me

    remember that key word up top --- ALMOST
    yes - I almost got hit - but didn't
    could have started a fight - over nothing
    could have gotten shot - or beat up - not as young as I used to be....

    Question for you MB ers
    how do you handle it - when cut of ???

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman ---- Ride That Thing

  2. I go after them and %$^&^$# and %$^&^%# then when that's all done to my satisfaction I %^&^%$# and then just to ensure my victory I $#%^&^%@$ one last time.

  3. az cra-z

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    You could always ask them: "Would you drive any better if that phone were shoved up your keister?".....from Tom and Ray at CarTalk
  4. Mountainman

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    I think that you two - and myself
    had better attend our first of many sessions tomorrow regarding --

    this will come as a learning process - hard for the common man
    we will be given slips to be signed by the leader of the group
    upon successful completion of 999 classes attended --- each class 4 hours
    we will be allowed to return to the roadways
    until the time in which
    we threaten or harm others - THAT HAVE ALMOST OR HAVE RAN US OVER...

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    well this type of thing happens to me just about every time I take my bicycle for a ride.. Just yesterday I almost got hit by some freekin soccer mom that was going into a park parking lot. I don't know what is up with the city I am in.. People here are real a holes. I was crossing the street once and someone in a van actually sped up twords me and missed me buy less than a foot. I had to slam on my brakes once when A car decided to turn in front of me, and when I barely missed them I heard them yell f you and then laugh.

    Generally I just give them a mean look, but I am getting really sick of all the close calls.. I think if they parked and there was nowone around and they were real a holes I may slash a tire to keep em off the road... But maybe not.
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    xlastshotx -- your thoughts and feelings are understood - you are a young person who is dealing with much in regards to ones driving cars that seem to be BLIND AS BATS !! So as to help you - to deal with this and due to your age - we invite you to our up coming group sessions dealing with ---


    if you are still in the hospital
    we would be glad to bring a group to you

    remember - when hurt by dumb ones in cars
    while we are laying there with many broken bones and motionless
    how this works - we are not sure
    but - it does relieve some of the pain..

    Once you are back up - we wish you
    Happy Riding from - Mountainman and the recovery from crash group
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  8. wavygravy

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    ah the zen of life outside the white line!! always expect honorable cage driver to do wrong thing! leave lots of room for error on both sides!
  9. This is gonna sound SO WRONG but all of us needs to get hit by a car so that we will be AFRAID of all of them when we ride.

    There's an area where I cross the major highway via overpass. I MUST use the sidewalk. No way can I use the street.

    Anyway the walk signal is on but cars keep zooming by in front of you entering the highway.

    People are really REALLY clueless out there.

    Ever notice how some street corners the signal button is followed by some beeps? That's supposed to help blind people cross the street. When it makes a certain sound it's safe to cross.

    Man. I gotta give blind people PROPS for crossing these streets with all the crazies out there.

    I like to think that ALL DRIVERS are blind to US.

    But I'll still on occasion knock on a car window and ask the driver if they even saw me and that they almost killed me.

    I should get one of them bicycle flags on my ride.

    Maybe the bike shops would have them. Wal Mart doesn't.
  10. CalgarysFool

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    Two closely related, though opposite, threads -- MBc as a therapeutic, and this one, MBc as a source of distress, and the need for therapy -- anger management therapy, perhaps.

    I don't think I will handle being cut off with such...self control.

    Time will tell if riding an MBc will be therapeutic, or send me for therapy.

    : /

  11. graucho

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    I am childish in this sense. I simply relax, take their licence plate#. Then I call my cousin
    who works for the DMV and get their home address. Then I ride over and egg their
    house. I know, Its very, very stupid. But I feel a lot better.
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  12. CalgarysFool

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    Childish too, perhaps, but that just makes me laugh out loud.

    If you ride over to their house on that beast in your avatar, I'm sure you don't get challenged too much when making such omelettes a la car!


    But I shouldn't "egg you on". (Groan).
  13. Mountainman

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    Large Filipino -- yes, you have reminded me of when I also knocked on a couple of car windows. Once - an older lady side swipped me - sent my bike and I into the curb - got back up - caught up to her a few lights down the road - tapped on her window - she looked at me - I told her that she had run me off the road - I am not sure if - she didn't believe me - couldn't understand me - just wanted to shine me on - but - when the light changed to green - she shot away. I think that some people have cut me off and knew what they did - but - when I caught up to them - they wish to play dumb. Even the pooolice let them slide at times when they have hit us - they just tell the cops they don't know a thing.. Happy Safe Riding from - Mountainman
  14. Mountainman

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    Yes - graucho - you have brought up - memories from my past - eggs.
    We discussed egging a while back in our group meetings.

    EGGS at most times - do not bring a prison sentence...

    Anyone wishing to deal with matters such as graucho
    are welcome to attend our recovery from - teed off meetings

    Loving and Forgiving Those Who Have Ran Us Over On MB Group

    PS - since I have been attending said groups -- 88 to date
    I do not chase cars that have just missed me as far as I used to
    I stop at around 5 blocks now

    Happy Safe Riding from - Mountainman
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    Cell phone using drivers are a freaking menace. They take away your license for a year, most places, if you get a DUI. I'm of the opinion that DWCD (Driving While Cellphone Distracted) ought to be penalized at least as heavily. Second offense, 5 years suspension, required attendance at not less than 10 autopsies on motor vehicle accident victims, and placement on a national registry of cell phone offenders who are forever barred from owning one again. Get caught with one again after that while driving - capital punishment.

    Okay, that last is a little over the top, but I've daydreamed about a bounty on cell phone using drivers.
  16. mlcorson

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    Quoting from the ancient Zen tradition:

    "He who angers you, wins"

    From Hill Street Blues (great cop TV show of the 90's):

    "Be careful out there people"

  17. ZnsaneRyder

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    Old people in florida drive the worst. When they cut me off, I chase them, and they freak out because I'm on a bicycle doing over 40+mph. I make sure to let them know!
  18. moneyboy

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    How about taking the attitude that when we are out there on our flimsy little MBs with no turn signals and no brake lights and no protection and nobody let alone us, knows what we are going to do next...are responsible for everything that happens, not the other guy. I find that it helps greatly, when there is no one to blame.

    Happy Motoring
  19. Mountainman

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    moneyboy -- some SOUND THINKING THERE... 99.9 of all drivers out there on the road - do not wish to harm anyone - and we need to remember that we are hard to see - and ones that do see us do not expect us to be going as fast as we sometimes do (mistake us for the common bicycle) - many other things also come into play - bottom line - ride as if OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT.. Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    Flat Tire Story

    Hey Mountainman,

    I read your story about the flat you got a few days ago. And of course how when it happens if you are not prepared, it usually occurrs out on the farthest part of your run, where you end up having to walk somewhere that you would certainly prefer riding to. I've just been riding my townie comfort with a MBE43 friction drive for about 8 weeks now and I'm realizing there is a lot I need to know about bikes or I could find myself in a pretty dicey situation. I knew I should learn how to repair a flat but I had one and just took it in to the local bike shop. (easy!). Anyway I at least have been carrying some stuff with me including a tire repair kit, tube and a few necessary tools. So about a week ago I had my bike on the back of my toyota RV at a Del Taco and I come out after lunch and someone had stolen the bike basket. So I'm looking for the same basket and no shop has it and there is no place to carry my tool kit and supplies and I'm not worried, because I knew I get the basket soon and have my stuff back with me. Then I read your article about flats and the next day I decided to ride out by a flood control project near my house, up on the concrete passway above it. Plenty of gravel and burrs from brush and trees ling the flood control project. Went OK and the next morning took an early am ride down a paved bike path in Burbank thinking when I het tired I start my motor and whoop to do be back to the RV in no time. Well on the way back I'm struggling topedal on level pavement. You know the rest my rear wheel was flat. It had a burr in it from the previous nights ride. Did I have a Tool with me, a tire kit? Even a pump? No not even a bottle of water because I hadn't switched my bottle rack from my other bike I had damaged from running into a light pole! (Thats another story, had my helmet on but was knocked unconcious and woke up in the paramedics ambulance in a neck brace with the paramedic showing me my helmet with tthe crack in it that saved my bacon).

    So I had to walk back to the RV (only about a mile) with your flat tire story ringing in my head. Next day (still haven't found a basket yet) went to Sepulved a basin wild life preserve for a nice am pedal ride along trails with cotton tails leaping across the trails now and then. These trails are mainly dirt, gravel and small bits of plant foliage. Then I decide to kick the engine on and really sit back and take it easy. I just out about the farthest point of my journey and the engine is starting to race and I'm thinking what goes? Maybe somethings wrong with the throttle? Then it hits me maybe its because the tire is no linger connecting to the friction drive. I kill the engine get off and sure enough the rear (most important) tire is flat. Needless to say I'm not to thrilled about hauling that bike out of there but not much choice, except that I did learn slightly from the day befores experience. I had brought along one of those devices that you put the co2 cartridge in to pump up the tire. I said to myself maybe this will hold enough to get me all the way back on the engine or evenall the way back. Happy ending there, I got all the way back out of there to the RV with about 15 lbs of pressure left in the tire. The rest of the story is that when I arrive home the front tire was also flat! Go figure.

    I think I get it that you should be prepared with at least the necessities before you go on any major outing. By the way I enjoy all of the comments and stories coming from you.

    Happy Riding