CVT CVT for big low RPM engine? 160cc 3600rpm

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  1. plantthoughts

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    I'm wondering why a CVT wouldn't be a perfect fit for a 3600rpm 160cc engine?
    I need a grunty motor(hauling heavy trailer up steep hills), so it needs to have about 5hp(I'd go for 8, but it's too much $), and since I want it to last a while and get good mpg, I figure it'd be wise to go for a bigger engine, 125-175cc.

    I was warned that CVT wouldn't pair well with a low RPM, is this because you can't add enough weights to adjust the CVT down that low? I'll lookup cvt mods(maybe heavier weights?), but first I want to know what the issue is.

  2. Youngbird

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    A 6.5 hp from HF can be as little as 139.00. Pull off the governor and up go your rpms so to take more advantage of the cvt's ability.
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    Something like a Comet CVT is made for that exact RPM range. Whoever told you that does not know utility engines.
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    Thanks. The Hf site says that motor is not avail in california. Prolly emissions.
    I'm googling for a comet cvt, aka "torq converter"?, so far the cheapest is $180 from northern tool & equipment. They don't mention the ratio.
  5. plantthoughts

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    Found more info about ratios on Most sites I found so far sell em for $170.
    Sounds kind of steep, but I'm happy that the low rpm motor will work. A nexus 8 could be a little cheaper, but I'm figuring the cvt would be worth the dif?

    Should the basic cvt work for 3600rpm? i.e. the 2.7:1/.09:1 type
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  6. RdKryton

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    The Comet Torque-A-Verter works well on a 6.5hp. I have done it successfully without removing the govenor. The problem with the China knock offs and the Honda motors is that it will not mount straight out. It will have to be mounted at a downward angle from straight out because the cylinder gets in the way. They have the slanted cylinder not vertical like the older B&S engines. They do work well though as long as you have the space to mount them.

  7. EsQueue

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    There is one for $159 that is CArb certified.
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    CVT for 3,600 rpm engines has been around since the mid 60's and probably earlier. The usable rpm range for most industrial gas engines is from 1,500 to 3,600 rpm...not much when you consider a Triumph 955i three cylinder will pull from 1,500 to 9,500 rpm with no issues! I used to own one of the amazing machines, but it required a deep wallet to take care of and feed.

  9. plantthoughts

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    Thanks ya'll I'm sold on the CVT. That honda issue sounds like a pain, but I may brave it. Think a welder can help me create a wedge or angled mount to compensate?
    I appreciate the link to the carb motor, thank you. I have a hard time trusting anything but japanese/german/swiss engines. Maybe some itallian and english, but that's about where I draw the line.
    I know a lot of americans would call me unpatriotic, but those same americans say competition breeds improvement, so which is it, strong survive or coddle and subsidize the meek?
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