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  1. SlicerDicer

    SlicerDicer Guest

    What would the possibility of using a CVT be instead of say a torque converter and would it be possible to put a CVT on one of the dax motors?

    I see several pocketbike CVT's around they are cheap enough it would be neato to have a CVT.

    Mainly the reason for it is steep hills "will take some video" and then long flats. So I really need multiple ratios. I do not have the room I thought I would to do a sprocket changing on the rear... I need a different plan!

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A CVT is pretty much a torque converter. Same problems with starting the engine, ect.

    My earlier idea of using one of Honda's "automatic clutches" was a's run in oil and so that won't work either.
  3. SlicerDicer

    SlicerDicer Guest

    I will have to come up with something else :???: Cause these hills are brutal around here :shock:
  4. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    A titan is pullstart.

    Ask Large Fillipino about his good ideas to attach a cvt to dax TITAN kit.
    You will need the stock kit's jackshaft.
    PLUS one extra ten tooth sprocket from dax, for the cvt output shaft.
    The transmission 10 tooth sprocket may work.

    You may not even need to tune the cvt.
    Just bolt it on in place of the stock transmission.
    Add one support to the drive side of it.
  5. I actually do have everything it would take to make this successful right down to a freewheel for it seems these CVT's I'm hearing has some drag.
    I just need to buy a CVT is all but it's just gonna have to wait till it happens.
    Incidentally,if you buy the Titan kit you simply can just use the 10 tooth sprocket from the 5 to 1 gearbox so essentially all you would really need is that CVT.
    I think also flipping the engine mount so the engine is moved over should clear that output sprocket more than enough to line with your jackshaft sprocket.
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  6. Nuttsy

    Nuttsy Member

    "Incidentally,if you buy the Titan kit you simply can just use the 10 tooth sprocket from the 5 to 1 gearbox so essentially all you would really need is that CVT."

    LOL, there's always a hitch.
    Seriously tho, get one, you won't be dissapointed once you get the logistics worked out.
  7. Yea I gotta save up. I want one now. That CVT is also reverse rotation just like the 5 to 1 gearbox on the Titan. And low gear is 7 to 1 up to 1 to 1 high. More than enough pulling maybe too high on top. A 48 tooth in back may have you pulling wheelies and still have plenty of top end.
    It would go on my trike for that's my hauler.
  8. DetonatorTuning

    DetonatorTuning Active Member


    it will make your gearing SO much easier to derive to remeber that the PB CVT output shaft turns at 6.56:1 in "LOW" and 3.15:1 in "HIGH"

    you'll need to add 6-7:1 behind that SOME HOW to have it reasonable at both ends.

  9. Nuttsy

    Nuttsy Member

    Where are you getting your numbers from? Are they posted in someones advertising? All I ever got was " approx. 7:1"
  10. No problem. My 5 speed wheel where I use the large sprocket that tooth count is like 28 tooth and on a 20 inch wheel that's almost equivalent to a 44 tooth on a 26 inch wheel. Then to lower the gearing even more instead of the stock 10 tooth jackshaft sprocket I have a 12 and a 14 tooth laying around. And of course I have that huge 20 tooth. Man. If I use that 20 tooth to the 10 tooth drive to the 28 on the wheel I could pull cars man.
    So 6-7 to 1 means my sprocket connected to the CVT would have to turn 6 to 7 times for one revolution on the wheel?
    On a 26 inch wheel,a 48 tooth is 5 to 1 so we would have to go maybe a 52 tooth. On my trike I could probably go with the 14 tooth jackshaft sprocket.
    If I remember right that setup is pretty close to 5 to 1 so maybe I'll need that 20 toother.

    You know I'm gonna be experimenting.
  11. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    Large my cvt's have a built in gearbox that is all ways at 3 to 1 .

    The cvt part is what changes from about 3 to 1, to 1 to one.

    So at start about 6.5 to 1
    Then at full cvt engagment about 3 to 1.
    Fantastic start nice top end, or just throttle way back and cruise
  12. DetonatorTuning

    DetonatorTuning Active Member

    Nuttsy, these numbers are well established and noted in numerous CVT threads over at gopednation.

    those guys went nuts for the CVT's because of it's ability to really help out the 30ish CC. motors with take off. also many of them are Californians and deal with LOTS of hills. ( read SF )

    a few others here that have already been playing with the CVY's echo and support these numbers as well.

    the variator and contra spring ajustments are vital, and per CBRobots will make or break even the best overall ratio combinations.