cy460r on a modded daemon brand friction drive

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    Alright so about 8 months ago I got a "Daemon friction drive kit with a gx31 huasheng clone" long story short the poor design of the mount and the lack of quality engine caused a crankshaft failure after less than two tanks of fuel! I was super upset. So I've got this friction mount its steel not aluminum like the staton kit. Its basicly the same spindle and clutchbell design as the staton, where it gets crappy is the bearing on the clutchbell side is moving around in the channel because of a warped bell that it came with, i think its also why the crank snapped on the gx31 clone. So Ive decided to modify the spindle and the channel mount so that it fits the cy clutch housing. Those housings are usually just thrown away but they are actually a dual bearing quality piece! Ill need the spindle shortened and lathed as well as drilled and tapped for two set screws. The channel just needs a bit of trimming for it to slide in where I want it and four spacers for the motor mount bolts. In my head it seems its gonna be really simple all I need is a few spacers, two setscrews, and im ready for the machine work. Then I want a 1.5L Goped fuel tank and the cy460r from DDM.

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