Safety cycle lane design

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    How do people feel about cycle lane design?

    In the UK, as far as I know it is illegal to cycle on the pavements, in that you cause a danger to pedestrians. Therefore I think that cycle lanes placed on pavements with a painted line dividing the foot/wheel sections are a ludicrous idea, because pedestrians NEVER stick to their side and never will do.
    I also think that just painted cycle lanes are useless on roads. It puts you alongside the traffic and means you fall victim to cars which turn across you without looking in their mirrors or signalling or sometimes just moving over to make more room for a large vehicle coming the other way, knocking you off unless you manage to leap up the kerb successfully and quickly enough. I think that all roads are better off without the painted lane at all, you so the cars are in front and behind, or with an intermittent row of kerbstones/ballards to make the lane more of a feature. How do others feel?