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    Has anyone purchased anything from I just gave them a good chunk of change. I can't seem to find out any information on the guy.
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    I am talking to the owner on the phone right now is a distributor for Staton
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  4. chrispederson

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    that is the discussion that made me nervous. It said that all the pictures were taken from the Staton site, but nowhere does anyone say that they are resellers of the Staton things.

    My apologies if Mr. Happy is just shy and doesn't want to share any information, but I can't seem to find anyone who's bought from him.
  5. You could PM him, looks like he has signed up as a member yesterday, but hasnt introduced himself yet....
  6. Hi I’m Allan of You can visit my website and see what I sell. I am a distributor for Staton Inc. engine kits; we also ship bicycles from Jeep, Smith & Wesson, Kawasaki, and others. I am also an Herbalist and distribute natural health at … remember to ride hard – live healthy – and have fun. :grin:
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    I don't want to be the anal guy in the room, but when I first became a paying sponsor, I was told in very specific terms not to post in threads in this manner, not to go post happy, etc. Seems like well.....I'll leave it to the mods.
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    Allan as you can see you have been changed to a Vendor. The only place that you can now hawk your wares is in the vendor area. But please post other places too in a helpful mode. You should read the rules for vendors that was just put up by Admin (Tom) and adhere to them. Not trying to get on your case in any manner, but we do have strict rules here when it comes to vendors. Thank you for letting me bend your ear/eyes/whatever.
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    Agreed. Let's try to follow the rules like the other vendors and we can live together in harmony.
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    Hello mods, Allan is posting because I was extremely doubtful that his web site is legitimate. While it's fine for him to say that he's legitimate, I was more hoping to hear from a long-time MB member that has purchased from him. I haven't yet heard from such a person.

    Allan, can you give me a tracking number for the package you sent to me on Sunday?
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    I would think that your best approach is to telephone or EMail Dave Staton (check his 'contact me' info at and verify that Allan (include the website info) is a valid distributor for his products.
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    I have received the motor and installed it, it all works great. I'll make a post about this soon, but suffice to say, 100% satisfied!