Cyclist's drunken snooze on freeway.Sydney Australia

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Stink Bike, Jan 15, 2009.

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    yup. kinda disturbing and bizzarre. and inevitable.

    I wonder if it was one of us?
  3. Mountainman

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    wow -- what a story

    the ending I thought to be rather amazing
    he was last seen heading to the train station

    a second DUI arrest within that short period here in Calif
    he would be in jail for a while
    and the beginning of much suffering ahead

    I also realize that if events such as this keep happening
    as I have noticed in just a very few states -- will become common I think in most
    special laws that state -- dui drivers WILL NOT be able to ride motorized bicycles....

    makes it hard to ride that THING
  4. srdavo

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    Man, he got off easy. I hate to hear negative press about motored bikes....anywhere.

    In Kansas, a "habitual offender" can get a license to operate a Moped, provided they continue with their court ordered course of action. (AA, treatment, counseling, etc.)

    This gives NO amnesty for future DUI/DWI offenses.

    :idea: This could also be Kansas' way to "thin the herd".
  5. MotorMac

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    :dunce:What a stupid idiot, now the cops will think everybody that rides a motorized bike has a previous DUI. He,s screwed it up for everybody in Australia.
    Please dont make a big fool out of yourself here in the States or Canada and screw it up for us here.In other words if you get stupidly drunk do everyone a favour and walk ,don,t ride.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    Well put, MotorMac.

    The problem is that the ones who might make us look bad are going to go right ahead and do it.

    So we've got to put a positive spin on ourselves.

    Be very visible and drive like a boy scout.

    If enough of us do this, we might keep ourselves safe. We might even attract other level-headed types.
  7. JemmaUK

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    So he'd be looking at a 'Gorilla's in the mist' experience sans Dian Fossey lol. There were two twin girls in the uk, decided to walk across one of the motorways both got hit by artics... but both, to the amazement of police et al got up, were fine, and starting going postal on the cops & the fire/emts... both women seemed completely fine..

    They'd been walking up the central reservation as if it was the pavement!
  8. fetor56

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    Great,that's just what we need....another drunken wanka on a MB.
    Whoever said "any publicity is good publicity" is also a wanka;probably his brother.
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  9. Mountainman

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    well said bgw -- someTHING for all to shoot for

    I admit -- in my case this may not have always been the case

    but today for many, many reasons -- makes a lot of sense

    someTHING for us ALL to shoot for....

    as we ride those THINGS
  10. bluegoatwoods

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    It hasn't always been the case with me either, Mountainman.

    30 years ago I might not have been the wildest driver on Earth, but I was somewhere in the mid-range. (though even then I was cautious on motorcycles)

    Now the twenty-somethings who are unfortunate enough to find themselves behind me get impatient and think something like, "Let's gooo, grampa"

    I think they call that "the circle of life".
  11. brendonv

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    what an *******. Screwing it up for every other mb user, next time a cop see's someone on an mb in sydney they will probably pull em over. Hope someone in perth doesnt do that, they seem to be getting more popular over here now.
  12. TWalker

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    Yea this is unfortunate. Our bikes attract heavy drinkers hahah....its true.

    There are some who have lost licenses or who feel they can get away with DUI because they are on a bicycle.

    One of my customers lost his license for 10 years and discovered he could get away with riding motorized bikes, unfortunately his drinking continued and he did nothing but cause damage to the reputation of motorized bikers in my community.
  13. Mountainman

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    should dui drivers be able to ride MBs

    seems to be a touchy spot with the laws

    yes many do ride MBs because of loss if drivers license
    license may have been taken because of dui or medical reasons

    so the dui (not licensed driver) buys a motorized bicycle to ride
    some states allow this -- or have not caught up to it yet
    and other states spell it out -- dui conviction = no motor bike

    if the dui convicted motor bike rider keeps his nose clean
    never riding his MB while drinking -- is this ok -- I think so
    but as we know -- someone will mess this up somewhere !!!

    as we ride those THINGS
  14. mlcorson

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    This is a shame, but didn't someone, a potential vendor, think this was good market for MBs? I guess if the cops see a guy at 2:00 am on an MB, its a sure pullover and stop. I guess the rest of us will be confined to riding in the day light and be prepared for more sobriety tests.
  15. Mountainman

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    yes -- where is that vendor ???

    yes Mike

    there was a vendor that was talking about catering to dui MB riders !!!

    he got blasted -- a little -- here on site

    facts are true to be as follows
    many with lose of license due to dui conviction or convictions
    do ride motor bikes
    is this legal -- depends on where one lives -- I guess
    but should a company cater to these ones ???

    especially in advertisements
    hey all drunk drivers (with no drivers license) -- come buy a MB
    as I think this guy was stating -- you don't need a license for MBs
    which in many places is not true...

    and please do your best to stay sober as you ride that thing

    man the MB laws would be getting much tighter fast
    once someone brings a copy of that to a judge or DMV employee
  16. TWalker

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    Well I will come right out and tell it. I have been sober for a number of years and I have the opportunity to work with other folks who do the same or need to anyway. People who drink to excess AKA alcoholics.

    Now some of these guys are indeed in need of transpo because of mistakes made and I was one who thought the bikes a good solution for some, as long as they are sober and clearing up their mess.

    The problem is addiction is powerful and too bad that some see the transportation as a way back to a job and a life and then some will see it as a way to keep drinking.

    The fellow I spoke of before was on foot for 7 years due to a 10 year suspension and then discovered motored bikes, it opened up a whole new world but his addiction led him to trouble on the bike.

    Had nothing to do with the bikes, some will be in trouble due to addiction no matter what you do. Some will get arrested on foot for public intoxication, you cant take away their feet.

    Ride responsibly, be the best citizen you can be for the motored bike community and you won't neeed to fear the police.
  17. bluegoatwoods

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    Well put, TWalker.

    Having dui offenders on motor assisted bicycles is not a bad idea in itself.
    Excessive drunkenness is.

    (I'll make my confession here; I've never had a dui. But there've been plenty of times when I deserved one. these days I have almost no appetite for alcohol. so I've gotten through the whole thing well. But there was a lotta luck involved. I might have been one of the guys we're talking about.)

    Society ought to let these folks fall back on MBs. Some will make us look like fools.
    Most, probably, will do credit to the MB movement.

    and the law could take away the MB right to those who act foolishly.

    All they'd have to do is write such laws.
  18. brendonv

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    Well i am (i think) the first known person in perth to have an mb and since i am only 15 i stick to a slow speed on my bike. I dont want people thinking im some sort of hoodlum so i stick to about 30-35km/h and ride on the road when safe enough to do so and no traffic so i dont annoy people. I wave to just about everyone when out riding, if riding on the path and there is someone up ahead i usually turn off my engine or slow right down, go past and say hi and then start it up again and slowly ride off.

    I try to set a good example for myself and motorized bike riders in perth so people dont start complaining. I dont want to set the same image as people have on pocket rockets. Motorized bikes are a mode of transport and not to run a muck on. Its that one ****head that does 50km/h past a person walking there dog on the pathway and only 1m away from them that gets us a bad name. If everyone rides how i do then we should be able to ride these things for ever, but if the wrong people buys these things then we all get penalized for it.

    I hope this one idiot that did this doesnt give the whole motorized bicycle society a bad name.

    From Brendon.v
  19. MotorMac

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    No, Bluegoatwoods, they can fall back on pedaling a regular bicycle, they need to stay off a motorized bicycle..being drunk and on a motorized bicycle is an accident waiting to happen.
    On the other hand, being sober for 5 years and getting your drivers licence reinstated shows you have kicked the addiction and do deserve to be on a M.B .