cyclone-usa, 24v li-ion and questions


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Jun 5, 2008
Peoria, AZ
Okay couple of quick questions.

1st, does anyone have personal experience with the cyclone-usa 500 watt motor? Is it worth the price?

2nd, where can I find 24volt li-ion batteries? Their site is suggesting I use 24v 24Ahr Li-Ion Battery but I havent found anyone selling them online. Any idea on costs?

Im considering using my bike to commute to work. Its 42 miles round trip (21miles on way) and I think I can charge the batteries while Im at the office

Im spending $500 a month on gas right now, and really looking for a way to save some money.

Last question, can I realistically expect to go 20+ miles on 1 battery or will I need to swap out halfway there?

Im 180lbs, 5'8 and its all flat surface streets to work. Id be putting the motor on my Diamondback mountain bike

You can do 20 miles on a hubmotor. You will need more battery power than 24V 10aH.

Here is a setup that I think will do 20 miles or more. I have not tried this, my commute is only 1 mile. However I have followed the electric bike forums for a while and think I know how to put together a commuting system that will do 20 miles plus.

Go to this page, get the Roadrunner, rear wheel version with a 4820 controller.

Then get a LiFePo 48V 20 aH kit. You could get one of these:

There may be others. Like I said, I have not tried these components, I have an older less powerful hubmotor.

consider a front suspension or full suspension bike, it will make the commute much easier.