Heres my bike I finished today. New paint, polish of the chrome and it looks good as new.
Its a bit of a squeeze but it fits perfectly. Petrol tank mounting will need to be improved sometime.
Had the engine on my mountain bike but wanted something a bit more comfortable and still be able to use the MTB using pedal power, so heres what happened-


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Great fit for the size of that frame...just lucky u could squeeze the carby through.
Looks like u could even do routine maintenance there relatively easily...well done man.
Perfect fit!. It looks like it was a pain to shoehorn in there but it came together really well. The exhaust looks awesome too, looks super quiet and comfy.

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.
dude! that is like .....dude! lol im at a los for words. that it so cool, how you got that durn genine in there. i love how ya incorperated the stock exhaust with the long one. my only question isa, are you having bogging issues, with the carbie at that angle?
Where there's a will there's a way, I'm i pressed that you got that in there. Where did you get the muffler? Great job!

what a great ride,im very impressed with that.looks great,now ill be looking for a frame like that.:)