cylinder gasker, piston pin needed

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  1. greguk

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    Good Evening everybody,

    I'd like to rebuild engine, but unfortunately on some of them whose I need are unavailable.

    So, anybody know where to buy parts from list above?:

    Cylinder Gasket -
    Crank Case Gasket (Part #39)

    Cylinder/Crank case gasket (Part #7)

    Spring Lock For Piston Pin

    Piston Pin - Piston Pin (Part #27)

    Friction Pads or Ring Gear (Part #9)

    Right now I have Complete
    Bottom Half and cylinder, head, rings, Cylinder Head Gasket.

    I tried on but I didn't get answer.

    I need seller which sell parts international.

  2. OldPete

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    UK? I would PM MotorbikeMike on this board.
    All that stuff is fairly light so freight should not be that much.
    Clutch friction pads push out and are offered seperate of the plate, they are not that expensive.

    Best I got.
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