Cylindrical, rear-mounted gas tank

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    Hey Guys,

    I'd like to find a way to rig up a gas tank that can be mounted to the seat post (behind the rider), or perhaps to the frame just above the rear tire. I'd like a ~1/2 gallon size, cylindrical tank of some kinda. I've googled around a bit and can't find anything stock that would fit my purposes.

    The intent is to keep the tank off the horizontal tube of the bike for looks really, or perhaps a spare tank of gas for long rides. My idea currently is to use a sealed up paint can to hold the gas and tap it for the fuel valve. The problem with the idea is really the gas cap. I can't seem to find, at least easily, a gas cap kit (male and female) that I could custom fit the paint can with. Pirate Cycles sells a gas cap kit for $80, but I just can't see paying that amount of money. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    There a couple guys that sell them the best is go to the bike/parts page and schroll down.
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    My brother and I use Coyote-Gear tanks from They make spun aluminum fuel tanks in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12" diameters.
    My brother uses a 4x8 and I use a 6x12; we mounted them on the crossbar that caliper brakes bolt to. The tanks sit nice under the seat and above the tire.

    A nice alum tank aint cheap, but it sure is worth it, IMHO.

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    There is a lot of lawn and power equipment that have round or ovel tanks. Maybe check around for some...............Curt
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    the first victa lawnmowers use a fruit tin, and became a commercial success...

    the alloy bottles can be had at kmart or just about anywhere really, and youd be amazed how many machinists will help you out for a minor reimbursement for their time :D

    ie, they need a filler an outlet and a vent. for this reason i usually set them up as an "in line" tank with the normal tank being the fill point... when the mains empty, fill up but you still know you have a good litre in reserve for emergencies :)
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    All great ideas, thank you. I may make my own using a filler and a vented cap from I may find a machinist that can help me if I need it, but I at least want to make an attempt and perhaps learn something. I can't really find anything that looks like what I want for a cost that is reasonable. The full tanks that coyote sells are really nice, but I can't afford the cost. I'll post some pictures when I'm done building.