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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Sure would appreciate help, I'm spending money like water and getting nowhere ... wanted to upgrade to a better throttle and bought Dac's metal coller. Wish there was a warning there that it doesn't fit whatever the heck engine kit I have. So I then ordered the inner sleeve which arrived today and fits fine ... except the metal bend tube where the throttle cable enters the sleeve notch has too large a thread on that end .... back to dacs who I see carries no metal cable bend tube ... anybody know what to do besides bore out the new coller hole and rethread ? tube somewhere else that fits ?

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    not being mean, but...why should dax have to make that kind of warning? research will indicate "different kits, maybe different parts, too." like i said, not being mean, just realistic.

    i tried to decipher what your parts problem is...

    could you post pics of the parts you're trying to integrate? maybe someone will have an idea if they see it?
  3. Augi ...

    I just mean one extra line in the collers description like " This fits our premium inner sleeve on page 3! ..... I don't mean to sound mean either Augie but we buyers have learned to accept a lot of things 'out of hand'. Case in point, and I'm not arguing quality , in fact Dac's knows I purchased 2 chrome tanks from them so I guess that proves I do like them but can we talk reality a minute ? Was anyone here expecting just a tad more in the word 'chrome" tank ? No , at $39 lets not misread me here, I was not expecting a Harley show chrome piece to arrive at that price, but case in point, for $15 your bike fenders DO arrive looking near automotive quality.

    Admittedely I'm new to these engines but I am a little confused even by your asking to see a pic of the piece because as you know, all of us hobbyist just 'glean' info when we're really 'high' on a new hobby or interest and it doesnt take long to see there are really limited configurations... what I mean is if someone says "I have the black throttle with the kill button underneith, I don't think there's too much of a risk to guess that 1. The button is yellow.
    2.The screws are hex inserts. 3. overtightening causes housing crush. ...Oh, gee ... forget I mentioned it ..
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    Let me ask this in a different way .... If one buys Dac's metal collers and matching inner sleeve, I just want to know what they are using for the curved metal tube that should screw into dac's metal collers. There are screw in threads btw in Dac's metal coller where the cable adjuster stem needs to screw in,so there is a threaded cable adjuster that fits it.
  5. Augie here's the pic ...

    There is grease in the threaded hole on the Dac's unit I'm holding so it looks like a blank spot but its threaded to fit only the small thread end on the metal cable curve tube. the tube on the bike throttle is a much larger thread. A tube like in the pic would need the same sized threads on each end (the size of Dac's threads I mean) BTW .. here's an unrelated but similar example of my 'quality' gripe ... notice in the pic of the Dac's throttle that the nuts are not quite on the threads. they stop short and this is even before its around the handlebar which will make them even shorter. Ok, you say, don't be a whiner,just suck it up and buy longer screws. No good, because for some odd reason they have threaded the top half of the shell but not the bottom half. any screw will stop as it reaches the threads end making this a tighten nuts only not screws task. There is barely a tool nor nut rotation clearance underneith.

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    ok, i feel your frustration...but didn't say you were whining. that's why all of us are here, to reach clarity. no need to hold each other responsible because we're all in the same boat.

    i agree completely: lack of standardization really gums up the works.

    ok, i'm holding my dax throttle the same way...i see 2 philips screwheads (not nuts) the other half is threaded to accept them & has thru-holes, so a too-long screw wouldn't matter. the screws are long enuff to make a secure fit. you're saying the one you have has studs, then nuts? i see that'd be an unpleasant surprise. i bet he'd be interested in feedback about that detail. meantime, maybe make the best of the situation by removing the studs and using screws? if the holes aren't thru, you'll have to trim the screws to proper length.

    back to the task...i'm still a bit lost about your ultimate goal. the throttle dax offers is intended to accept the fitting (see pic) and cable that comes with his kits. i think you're doing an apples & oranges thing, and frustrated that it's not working out?

    innovation is what we live for here: you're looking to use your existing cable & curved fitting (not familiar to me, is it the grube combo throttle?) with the dax throttle, not made to be done, but if i had to, i would drill and tap the dax to accept the fitting i want to use. next problem would be, is the existing cable-end compatible with the slot on the dax inner parts?

    are we getting anywhere now? let's see this through to solution...it's good for everyone.

    edit: what i was trying to say and didn't do it very well was: don't blame dax, he offers a fine selection of "replacement" parts for his kits...blame the guy you bought your kit from for not offering compatible upgrades.

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  7. yeah it's hard to get mad at dax since he is really good at offering replacement and upgrade parts for his own Howell Motors kits, he doesn't sell the GEBE kits, so he wouldnt sell parts for GEBE kits.