Dads 1948 Whizzer

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    Hello, I recently started to restore my father's 1948 Cleveland Welding Company bicycle with a Model J Whizzer system installed. What bike manufacture is your bike assembled on and do you have any pictures? I am looking for the Whizzer and CWC parts. Do you have any contacts?

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    Great, good luck with the restoration. I'm also in the process of restoring a 48 orig. whizzer. One suggestion. Get the frame, fenders, etc. professionally painted. Don't use a rattle can. Just MHO. Please post pics. Also check out my posts. Thanks
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    1948 Whizzer

    Thanks for the response. I am almost done, I just had to take time off for tax season. I did have it professionally painted and stripped in the same measurements and exact colors. The chroming and cad plating looks good to. The only thing that is not exactly the same are the throttle handles for which I could only find late model 1948 handles with the flare out on the end. The early 1948 models originally on the bike did not have the flare out.

    Take care

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    1948 J

    Here's a shot of my 1948 J mounted on a 1945 Monark that i've owned since it was new in 45. Its actually a left over pre-war frame that they sold after the war hence the rear dropouts and black-out rear hub. The engine was installed about 5 years ago from a bunch of e-bay parts.

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    Very nice!!!
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    Beautiful bike, thimmaker!

    PmacWhizzer - A good source for vintage Whizzer parts is Memory Lane Classics ( ). Also, several forum members might be able to help you out with parts, especially Quenton Guenther.
    Trying to answer the first question in your first post is problematical because I don't know to whom it was directed. Whizzers were assembled on many different frames, but the most common seemed to be Schwinn. CWC and Huffman also made frames specifically for Whizzers, but they are a bit less common.
    Myself, I have a New Edition Whizzer (a 2005 NE5) that uses a cantilever frame much like the Schwinn, but made by Whizzer.
    You might want to have a look at the photos of Whizzers posted so far in this Whizzer photo thread:

    By the way, welcome to MBc!