Dallas TX mb ride and lunch

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    I am getting together this fall with some other mb riders (some from motorbicycling.com) and want to invite anybody else who wants to ride in Dallas TX.

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    Ok we have a ride planned! http://motorbicycling.com/f35/dallas-motor-bicycle-ride-33988.html

    My friends,

    happycheapskate, Ruby478, and myself, biknut, would like to invite any and all MBers that can make it, to come ride with us around White Rock Lake, Dallas.

    Saturday October 15th 12 noon

    We plan to meet in the parking lot behind the dog park at Mockingbird and W Lawther Dr.

    We don't care if you bring your bike on the car carrier. You should be able to park right there for free.

    In case of rain, Saturday the Oct 22nd will be the rain date.

    It's roughly 9 miles around the lake. We plan to mostly ride the lake road where possible. There's a couple of short distances where we may have to peddle it, but we can decide the exact route as we go.

    This is Texas so I expect about 6 or 7 hundred Motor Bicycles will show up. Either that or maybe just the 3 people I know of lol.

    Pm us for directions.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBLV2ZACnRE photos and video clips of bike path and surrounding park road at WRL
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    I hope you guys will join us on the next ride. We had a good time and want to include mb riders from all forums.
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    Looking to start a new Dallas MB Ride in middle of Feb. 2012. Please send Personal Message on this forum if you want to join. Last time we had a handful of riders around White Rock Lake and didn't ride very long. I'd like to pick an easy to follow, 50mi route and end the ride with the group of riders joining at a pizza restaurant.
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    I am looking forward to the Dallas MB Pizza ride, but we may move it to Feb 26 Sunday, to allow more riders (affected by work requirements that day) to attend.
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    So far I have no riders for the 19, but I may ride the route myself just for the heck of it. I think I will, to check road conditions, and test my new boost bottle set up on the Tanaka bike. I plan to ride the grubee bike for the events (way faster). The event will be on the 26 Sunday February.
    Weather forecast for Dallas is Sunny, in the 60s during the day!
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    We have a few riders for Sunday the 26 of February, and hope to have a bigger group in March.