"damaged cylinder" /review of Power-King 80

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by gone_fishin, May 14, 2007.

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  1. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    someone briefly mentioned a broken skirt falling off inside and chewing things up. bg joe i think.

    i'm helping quay and friend with their "power king 80"...i was there when it was delivered & if i wrote a review of overall quality on the kit out of the box, it would get a "mostly below par."

    anyway, they tried to re-seal the jug gasket ahead of time while they wait for the bicycle to arrive...i wasn't there i promise.

    in the process, one cylinder-skirt on the casting was cracked (both ends) and one ring was broken. i have a spare ring if it fits. i applied light steady pressure to the skirt with a piece of wood til it cracked off. i figured it would break off all the way back to any weak spots and it did just that. the middle third of it is still there & it looks mighty clean, metallurgy-wise. pics tomorrow when i get back over there.

    i'm tempted to try it & i need to know...before things got crunchy, did the engine run ok as far as compression, leaks, etc?

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    augi- no broken skirts here!

    Anyhow, if you can post a picture, it will help. I don't have that part in my extensive library (two) of "exploded views". (can anyone help with that?...I need one of the head/jug/ect.)

    If it's broken in the "right place" and not too much material is gone, you may get away with it if you file the rough edges smooth before continuing.

    I am thinking "new jug".
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    yup, but i'm also thinking: spend no more money with power-king, limp thru on this one until a better kit can be purchased.

    doggone it, i can't find the post where someone said something about theirs breaking off....
  4. spunout

    spunout Member

    Augi-maybe this is the post you were searching for...this i copy/paste (with violet color added by me to show relevancy) from inside my engines in General Discussion:
    try1897 (Chinese 80cc)

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    Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 9:17 pm Post subject:


    Hey thanks for the info. I'll do that with the one washer and nut. I thought it strange that the Kings engine had a lock washer to be honest I didn't think it needed one. But five washers just to use the acorn nut ??????? I don't know but that seems wrong somehow. Dac's engine # one was totaled . One whole side of the piston skirt was missing and had smashed up the wrist pin bushing and locked up the crank with parts and pieces going south . It cracked one side of the case on the bottom. It broke both piston rings but to my surprise the jug itself looks to have survived. It looks smooth and has a nice shine to it. Un beleiveable .Engine # two looked good and was froze up so I used a wooden drift and knocked the jug off and discovered the piston in OK shape . The jug suffered badly though and is useless. This one the whole bottom end is OK and If I use the jug and piston from # one it could actually run. I've been thinking about going heavy on the oil and giving it a slow go tomorrow to see what happens. I assume that with a different piston and new rings if all holds together and I oil the beans out of it kinda like breakin all could be well.(?????) Nothing beats a try ......We'll see later Tom in WV
  5. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    dat's da one...thanks, spunout :)

    i think we're gonna try it. pics later this morning, if shane don't have to work today.
  6. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    it's me, augie, over at quay's place, here's the jug:

    we're gonna file it clean & try it, can't start it up until maybe later, bicycle is due for delivery this afternoon. more to come...stay tuned.

    FYI, a Power King "80"
    flimsy head-studs are the same as mounting bolts, no grommet for magneto wiring, plastic throttle/killswitch assembly, rusty tank, painted rear sprocket & light-duty hardware, light-duty tensioner, inferior intake and exhaust flanges/welding, crummy muffler, very short cables. bleh...
  7. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    augie again.

    oh, well...show's over. the spare ring i had from my dax 70 is way too big.

    --------------70cc from thatsdax------------------------"80cc" from Power King

    i'm calling shenanigens on Power King & justblissful of ebay!!! :x
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    augi, a couple of things....the skirting looks like it covers over where the bypass ports are, might not run without the skirting. Second thing is if you put the ring inside the king's jug, and file the ends until the gap is correct, .003? it may work. But I think the point is moot anyhow.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ...and yeah, I'm calling more than shenanigans on that one!


    Not good advertising for them eh wot?
  10. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    correction, joe...the skirt doesn't cover the ports, gaps are already on each side to avoid just that.

    good advice on the ring, if they wind up getting stuck with this crooked deal we'll do it. problem is, they broke it, sooo....
  11. SlicerDicer

    SlicerDicer Guest

    The next person I hear say Shenanigans I am going to pistol whip -- Super Troopers :evil:

    Thats a bummer quay but thats why I decided for my first motor I am going to use a Dax. I hear plenty of people have them and are happy.

    Sorry about fleabay damage :sad:
  12. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    :lol: Exactly!

    Augidog's sitting right here. Yes we knew to go with a dax & "i told you so" isn't making us feel any better right now. We tried to save money based on another justblissful customers' recommendation. Oh well.

    Augie says if if we have to he can get this one running, but we're going to contact Ebay about false advertising first and see about getting some money back.
  13. SlicerDicer

    SlicerDicer Guest

    I looked and those listings are PP IE: Paypal protected. Maybe thats a route to go if need be?

    I was not trying to say a I told so sorry if it came across that way. Anyway there are many ways to deal with shady people. PayPal Protection is one

    The bottom Tier protection is 200$ so that should be enough to cover it if you dont qualify for the premium whatever whatchahoozit :) I never used PP protection but I am sure its worth looking into.
  14. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    back home...

    the paypal protection advice is the same i was passing along...thanks, slicer' :)

    i think that it's such a shabby "80" because it's really a "50" :x

    quay mailed this topic/link to the seller (justblissful) & i'm content to wait & see.

    i can hear it now..."we're sorry, but by opening the engine to discover we lied to you you also voided all refund and warranty rights."
  15. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

  16. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Do you want us to attatch a post to yours on ebay or start one of our own?
    (Get In on it)
  17. spunout

    spunout Member

    its my guess that positive feedbacks are left for the sellers the instant that the motorkits are delivered, not actually installed and running. or, am i just stating the obvious? cuz we may want to mention to potential buyers to install immediately before warranty runs out, and not leave positive feedback until they know the kit is as it should be.

    Done.(mine was addressed to Buyers)
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Message/post left.
  19. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    so this is the reply i got do not know if i am happy whith that or not.Then again i my not beabele to do any thing else still looking into it<quay>

    Hello and thank you for your email,

    I'm very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with Moped Bicycle Kit that you have received from us.

    At this time, you are more than welcome to return the package received to us and we would be happy to issue you a refund for your payment.

    Our return policy for eBay purchases is as follows :

    If a buyer is unhappy with their purchase, the buyer may return the item (in it's original condition) to us at the buyer's cost for shipping the item back to the seller. The buyer will be required to provide tracking information for use by seller to verify the return status of the shipment. Upon successful receipt of the returned product, a 30% restocking charge will be taken from the total payment for the item (the initial payment made for shipping, handling, and insurance costs) and a refund will be made through the initial payment method.

    This has been taken directly from the eBay listing.

    Return Procedure:
    1. Ship the item to be returned to the following address :

    RuiHong Enterprises Ltd.
    7678 Winston St., Burnaby BC
    Canada , V5A 2H4

    If you are required to prepare a commercial invoice (for US Residents Only), please state the following :


    RuiHong Enterprises Ltd. - Returns Department
    7678 Winston St., Burnaby BC
    Canada , V5A 2H4

    Please note the value for the returning defective products/accessories or incorrect items received as : US$15.00

    We reserve the right to deny receipt of packages where the value of the package being returned from the US is declared greater that US$15.00 .

    2. Email us at justblissfulebay@gmail.com with the tracking information for the returned shipment. Please note your preferred refund payment method.

    3. Upon confirmation of receipt of returned unit in it's original condition, you will be issued a 70% refund from the initial payment (unit cost, shipping and insurance) to the stated preferred payment method.
  20. azbill

    azbill Active Member