Dams 1st 4 stroke buildl

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    hello everybody good day
    so after several 2 stroke bikes i was really tried of mixing oil, unreliability, replacing small parts (cdis) and i really wanted a 4 stroke and due to my really small budget it took me a long time but i have finely gotten my 4 stroke build i found a motor off of a snow blower 3hp briggs and stratton hort shaft (whole snowblower was gotten out of trash even had a clutch 41# chain) i cut and welded the deck of snow blower trimming it down to size ordered a 41# cent clutch and a 60tooth rear sprocket after alot of headaches and about a week of standing out in the sun this is what i have came up with i really wanted to go with a frame mount but needing transportation frame mount will have to wait to another day i would really like to use this frame to frame mount this motor but when i do the measurements it says it will fit but a really tight fit and i would need the wider cranks it definitely moves has faster start off than my 2 stokes did and i can go right up to the pump to put gas in

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    I just love homebuilds! and that looks like a sturdy setup.Takeoff must be hard on the clutch ? Enjoy
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    If you stretch out a frame, rework the bar coming down from the steering head- to give more room for the engine. It will fit in the frame.
    I bent the one piece crank (in a vise) to clear the engine and stuff.

    The difference between all that weight on the tail and all of it down in the frame is wonderful. The Huffy kick stand works just fine.
    I just posted my build pics and story- http://motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=28579
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    take off isnt bad it gets up to go it took a little to get used too 2 start on it i put that bar over engines to have something there to grab to aid in startng it but yeah it suxxs all the weight over back tire as soon as i get some cash im going frame mount yea profess i could stretch the tubes out but im worried doing so will really duck up the steering (i like ur build)
  5. Question: Where did you get the rear drive wheel with the sprocket? I have a 2.5 H.P. B&S motor I got off an edger and it runs great. A Sprocket rear wheel, clutch and chain and weld a motor mount and I'd be all set. Just need to know about the rear wheel set up.
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    yeAH FOR A REAR SPROKET go look on e bay make sure ur clutch and sprocket are same size (i.e. like 41 size mine is) but yeah go on e bay and type in go karts parts o or look at a lawn mower service place (we got place caLLED EL MEL HERE IN MO) BUT I HAVE ALREADY MOUNTED MY MOTOR in the frame its bad asp now and i had bought cheapest clutch 1st time a round but i burnt it up 2nd clutch i spent 20 more dollars on yeah i love the 4 stoke going right to pump for gas is the best and the girls at the station all want to talk yeah it is a sweet ride ooh yeah make sure u use the gear cal cuz 1st sprocket i set up the motor wont push it was geared to high if i was u use like a 10 t (41) clutch with like a 60 t (41) rear srocket my aveage speed is 40 mph
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    What a beast-how do you ever get your leg over the bar to mount up or get off??
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    instead of putting my leg over i would (sounds crazy now) the back wheel i stepped over top bar of frame before the handlebars i have already changed the way i had it mounted on this frame i simply cut away the seat post tube 4 " off b.b. the left 4"from very top i made a mounting plate out of 1/4 al and made some 90' bends and bolted the motor right up the way its in the frame now is great this old mounting method sux very rear end heavy so as i find the camera ill put up new pics
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    i find it amusing that i made several 2 stroke drives before, then my first experience of a 4stroke was traumatic...

    and went back to a 2...

    but yes, i still do like the 4... specially the briggs you got ;) niiiice. bit too big for here though...
  10. damdav1

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    yeah i really need to get pictures taken of new ride
    cuz now i love it the motor is frame mount the first frame
    i actually back tri ripped off it was a fisher frame and
    totally rip the rear drop out off so now i got a schwin mtn frame
    that i put motor in well ill put some pic on monday