Daren Garner wow i found you all online!

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    I'd like to say hi to you all and make contact with anyone who would like closer pics of my bike.
    Wow i found this thread here and joined imm. and ty for liking it.
    Yes it does run a little over 45 and it is scarey at that speed believe me.....
    You start thinking about anything that can go wrong at 47mph or so and on that i'd like to ask any of you to please REMOVE any front tire fenders (splash gaurds) thats a huge no no.
    If just by chance it fails and binds up your front tire you are gonna be so sorry if you live thru it (@45+ or any speed).
    I suggest plastic which they way over price but you stand a chance of avoiding perm. injury.
    My bike is running great tho and evertime i pass the ball field, "at wide open throttle", they all just freeze and stair at me till i'm gone (which isn't long even on the straightaway that takes awhile to vanish).
    I saw this online and had to get on here and i hope amy prospect builders will make contact for any help at all. I'm at dhg1973@gmail.com
    I am so glad i caught points for it and it's funny i was hired a day before the newspaper article hit and very happily employed (omg i am in a paradise here and super well off).
    I am happy i found you all and if your building don't give up. It's The ultimate form of transport. I have a kit car it is a farrerie fiberglass kit car with no engine and i'd rather ride the bike for a thrill.
    Gas is a precious resource but the people who can afford it are running thru it so fast just looking so macho (and dumb), These little bike engines should have been popular years ago and alot more should be around. EMPTY sidewalks should give way to low power vehicles which should have to come to a absolute stop before encountering a pedestrain (which will most likely will stop you and ask how to get one).
    I don't need 2000 lbs of steel under me with my a/c and stero thumping burning gross amounts of fuel just to go to the dollar store and get an item, c'mon really????
    Keep Building!!!!!
    My current project is i am building a lightweight scrubber for cleaning grout in homes and businesses (using toothbrushes and mechanical knowhow, and belts, pullys. swiches, and just being me).
    Thank you,
    Daren Garner

    The editor can modify my tag to reflect it in the appropiate direction, ty.

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    Welcome Daren,

    No publicity is bad publicity as they say.

    (folks, if you missed Daren's story, the thread is here):

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    Welcome to MBc. Glad things are working out.
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    Hi Daren,

    good to have you on board.

    Welcome to MBc.