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    New to the forum and motorized bikes. I recently bought an old crappy 66cc motor with what was left of a bee sticker on the front. I guess a stinger. The seller said it was good to go, he just didn't have a bike to put it on. Well, after a new set of rings and cleaning up the piston and jug (looked like the pin that holds the wrist pin came loose while it was running) with a dremel and a lot of 2 stroke oil putting it together.......finally I got it kicking some smoke out of the exhaust pipe. I say finally although it only took me 4-5 hours to get it fired up and smoking after the new rings and piston came in (piston didn't fit as the hole for the wrist pin was lower than the original)... I had a few days in cleaning up the $20 mountain bike and painting it, recovering the seat, painting the gas tank, pulling a derailler or two off, etc...seemed like a long time.

    Well, I put it together, knocked some of my pretty green paint off with the chain and the tensioner, pulled the seat apart kick starting it, changed the cdi out after testing the two that came with it, and picking the better one, etc.. I have to say, I am more proud of getting that thing to run than anything I have done lately. I have tinkered on stuff, but I am more of a wrench turner than a mechanic. When it did start, it was like it wanted to run, and getting the spark, gas and air there, it did it's part..it was weak as a kitten as far as pulling me along at low speeds, although it picked up speed okay as it got faster. I'll tune it tomorrow to get it running as good as I can. Seemed like it got hot fast like it was running a little lean.

    Thanks to all that post on this forum. I found a lot of information that made my journey thus far much more enjoyable than if I had to guess about all I have done so far.

    Anywho, I am dave. 42. Like long walks on any beach, old two wheeled gravelys and cafeteria food. I got a good girl, who loves me...She checked in on me a few times, seeing my progress on the bike. When it fired up outside tonight, she came out of the house like if she didn't hurry, she might not hear it run again, or get to enjoy my success with me. That to me, is love.

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    Welcome aboard.

    We had a two-wheeled Gravely when I was a kid. I doubt if I'd thought about it in many, many years until just now when I read your post.

    The lawn looked like I'd cut it with a pair of scissors. But it was a real work horse all the same. I suppose it wasn't meant for trimming golf greens. But I'll bet I could cut down a rain forest with that thing.
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    Thanks for the welcome!!

    Gravely's are a fantastic example of what Americans can design and produce. I bought the gravely because I sold my Ford 9N tractor and missed leaking/burning oil tractor smell. I was not disappointed at all. It also takes enough implements and has enough power that it should be all I need for putting in a garden, plowing snow, brush hogging down stuff that needs it, etc.. their horses were stronger back then as it's rated at 6.5 HP, and does some pretty amazing stuff for that much power. It took me a year and a half off and on to finally get it running well.