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Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Mr.B., Feb 17, 2012.

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    This is very frustrating!!!

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    Thanks Dave! :cool::cool::cool:
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    Perhaps I'll see you there next year...?

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    did you ask how much money he wanted for the orville and willbur bikes?
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    I met the fellow that bought the Wright Brothers bike and he didn’t say how much he paid.

    btw, Different pics of just one bike...

    A mutual friend heard a rumor that it was $800.

    I saw him again the next year and he told me he had turned down a offer of $10,000...

    Actually I feel kind of lucky just to have gotten to see it!

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    I feel lucky to see a pic online!!. really. i would give 8 hun and not blink breath or stud-er. i would think 10.000 is in the same state ,maybe not ball park but a real offer even if it was worth 65.000 there is not a market of wright brothers bikes so that is proly the only one i will ever see in my life time. thanks for sharing the picture.we have been to dc 2 times and seen every museum we saw their plane but it was a copy no bikes. so it was a honer to see that bike!
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    This years show starts tomorrow!


    Forecast is hot, humid, & sunny.

    I’ll be there Friday & Saturday with Excalibur ‘09, Robert Thumper, and a hopefully a new 1955 Schwinn Spitfire/China Girl project.

    If you see the bikes, look me up!

    My friend “Bicycle Bill” will be there too.

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    man i wish i lived closer. maybe one of these years! what a great place to go. i will be looking for your pictures of the show i still go to your old post and look at all the pics from time to time thank you for posting them .
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    My old camera isn’t great, and I don't imagine I'll get a new one by Friday morning. But I’ll take fresh batteries and my biggest memory stick to take lot’s and lot’s of photos!

    Hopefully most will turn out.

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    I really got off to a slow start this year!

    Just before I planned to leave my wife was rear ended, fortunately no one was injured and there isn’t really a lot of damage to her car.

    But by the time we got things sorted and I give her a ride to work I determined it was too late to even go Friday. With the antique races Friday night, it’s typically the best day to go.

    On the other hand Friday it was 98° and with the dew point in the mid 70% I imagine it would of been a very uncomfortable day to be outside.

    Bill and I did set up a vender space Saturday monday (first photo in the Imgur album). We actual got a good spot with shade as one of the long time regulars had already left. But that’s not unusual and most of the venders start to pack up early afternoon on Saturday and some leave in the morning.

    The weather was a little nicer, but I still managed to score a sunburn, Ha!

    Bill sold every thing he brought! I only sold a rusty basket from a old John Deere factory Worksman bike. Never the less it’s always fun to see the show!

    Because I was 1/2 responsible for the spot I only did a single quick walk through in the morning, and at that I did miss several venders in the farthest corners.

    But I did attempt to take a lot of photos along the way...


    The American Pickers had already abandoned their usual spot so I decided to stop by their nearby Le Claire shop on the way home (last two pics).

    It was the most crowded I’ve even seen it and with so many people in frame I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures of the handful of antique bikes Mike has on display there.

    I did take a pic of the new building under construction that they discussed in very recent episode. I’m a little disappointed to see they knocked down a old house to do it...

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    are you going this year if you do take lots a pictures
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    Sorry I missed this message before the show-

    I did go on Saturday morning only and some venders had already left or where packing up. Friday is the best day to go!

    This years pics, 2015->


    -Mr. B.
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    thanks again
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