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    Hey All,

    Great site - got lots of tips already.

    I'm David from Sydney (Parra area) and I've just installed a ZBOX 80 on my mountain bike. I have travelled maybe about 20km's todate on it.

    Still tweaking and adjusting, my main headache at the moment is a fuel leak somewhere round the gasket on the engine... plan on buying a torque wrench soon to check the head bolts are torqued up enough (I'll search later to find what the settings should be, and see if others have had similar issues - I'm sure it's all covered on here, just have to find it). I also think I've mixed too much oil in my fuel (being overcautious) but from reading various articles, it sounds like this could also mean my motor won't get enough fuel, so may have to add some extra fuel in the tank and shake it up.

    My main reasong in getting this motor is both to learn more about motors (have already pulled the carby apart to take a look) - I also work only about 14 kms from here so may ride in to work occasionally.

    Anyhow, don't want to ramble too much - will post pics of my bike soon.

    I look forward to meeting Sydney siders on some cruises (when my bike has had it's little issues sorted).


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    Man, with the daily addition of the Aussies....I don't see how you blokes don't crash into each other !!

    Look at the handy box below our postings, there are 5 "Sydneys" intros, it is a real good idea to put your location in the profile and easier when it's in the intro too. So thanks !

    btw...how's the oil spill fight going?

    I saw on the news a minute ago some bulldozers, it sure looks like the attack is farther along than the recent one, much smaller, that we had in the Chesapeake Bay.
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    yep, i have 2 mates ( brothers around the corner with these ) and another guy i met from this site in Parra area ;)

    all us sydney people need to get together some day :)
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    Great idea, i'd say in about a couple of months we all needa organise a ride or something
    and my brother is dying to show off his 'fully sick' speaker setup to others