DAX 70 break-down with pics



well guys i have 186 miles and still at the 20:1 BREAKIN RATIO and i herd a weird noise and than a loud tap TAP TAP and i pulled the intake manifold off and a hole in the piston wtf and i thougt AUGIS DAX 65 was a short living engine :censored: WHAT DO U THINK I SHOULD DO!!!!
Is the hole in the crown(top) of the piston? If so, is it directly under the spark plug?

Sounds like you do have a warranty claim.
no the hole is on the side of this piston if u look in the intake port u can see it
o and i also noticed that the piston was hiting the top of the head itself when u look at the pison it looks like someone was grinding it on the pavement only on the side of the pison and it looks the same way on the head.
ok guys i called dax and gave them the story i told you, they said thell send me a new one :D. but man it was close i had 3 days left on my warrenty i have the pics of the piston and the head im bout to post then. they did say out of 4000 engines they sold this has never happend, just my like :-|
Isn't there a thread about that? I recall having quite a time figuring it out.
at this point, the instructions are posted in over 3000 places...read read read my signature :LOL: :p
hes the damaged dax 70 pictures

hers some pics of my runined piston and the messed up head i couldnt post this in the 65 fourm because it said i need permission so heres the pics.


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