Dax 70cc mountain Bike Mock up

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May 22, 2008
Here is my friends kit put together to see how it's going to fit. I'm going to try using an exhaust clamp on the over sized tube. I can get the carb on but the air cleaner just won't clear the frame. I was thinking I can grind the front mount location to fit the radius of the front tube which would give me the clearance I need. If this was my kit I wouldn't have a problem doing it but I'm doing it for a friend so I'm a little reluctant to take the grinder to it. I'm going to be on the lookout for different mounting options to secure the front. As for the carb I have a copper 90 deg bend that is just a little bigger than the ID of the intake. I'm going to take a trip to Home Depot and see if I can find something that will work.

When he brought the kit over I was just going look at it, this is after about an hour of goofing around.


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My setup was as close as yours .
The carb fit but not the air filter.

I used a large plastic lid mounted by the stock screws to the carb sealed with red rtv.

Next I used the threaded part of the plastic bottle for an air filter holder.
Glue foam to the opening and screw it in.

It is very slim and filters good.
this may seem strang at first but trust me take the bottom of a coke can cut it out the size of it is the same size as the carb intake then get a drill a lil drill bit and drill only six holes above the carb pack the fillter in there

and drill out two holes for the screws it looks like a old 1912 bing intake like that and it only cost 50 cents and you got a drink out of it and keep a good air to fuel mix also with out haveing a strait open carb which is never good all send a pic of it here in a sec later
Thanks for the creative ideas, but when I say the carb fits I mean just barely. I'm going to try and do something with the intake manifold and turn the carb to the side. I like the bottle idea, i'm assuming you cut the top of the bottle when you say plastic lid. I'm going to tinker with it some more this weekend after I build the kids a jungle gym.