dax an honest man!

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by dave1490, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. dave1490

    dave1490 Guest

    just like to say that dax will refund a buy if not satisfided.thanks

  2. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    "dax an honest man".....and the pope is catholic. :)
  3. I thought about dealing with him.So far only dealers I met are pretty dishonest.Perhaps Dax will change my opinion.We'll see.
  4. I'll find out for myself.Been burned twice.I hope the 3rd Time Is a charm
  5. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Dax has good customer service and will take care of you. However, their reputation for honesty is tarnished in my opinion by ripping off and selling a chinese made clone of SBP shifter kit.
  6. I see skyliner,Think I will pass on him then If He Is selling a crappy clone of SBP.I will probably end up doing a morini set up or ezmotorbike set up.May even deal with piratecycles.Glad to see some honest people like yourself.I thought about buying off him.Now I am having second thoughts.I look for honesty In a business.Not I have the best product and I am the best Dogma.Thank you skyliner for Informing me.
  7. I would just like to say that while I've only delt with Duane a couple of times I wouldn't pass on him 'cause of the jack shaft. The guy is great to deal with and I don't see anywhere on his site that claims that his sk is better or otherwise as compared to sbk's. Do sum research on both of these forums and you'll see Dax is a stand up guy. Also this is for everyone, THERE IS NO PATENT ON THE FREAKIN" SHIFT KIT SO MY MOM COULD BUILD ONE AND SELL IT IF SHE WANTED TO! If his works, given his rep, I'm gettin' mine from him. It's a world market these days people, but I know, no politics.
  8. professor

    professor Active Member

    Well, Good, the shoe might be on the other foot, if you were the one developing it and see a clone of your efforts along with the very picture you used to sell it!
    You are right, there is no patent, but for some of us there is something called,"integrity".
    An old word and concept that has been swept aside by the new morality.
  9. scokes

    scokes Member

    I have dealt with Duane (I think was his name) at Dax for parts before and I was very satisfied with Customer Service and quality of parts received. Have recommended to friends and been a returning customer. This is where I look first on most occasions.

    The only improvement could have been the lag time between placing an order and the shipping time.
  10. I have decided to take my earlier post down and keep my mouth shut and be a good little boy
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  11. A good example. Picked up a new muf. for my 2stroke today. I live close to Dax and went over and picked it up. Got home with it and it had a hole in the weld. I called him and explained and he said no problem there will be another one on the porch for you and keep the other. No Q's asked, no bs. That's service. It was just a muffler but ypou get the idea. He does this for everyone that does business with him. I'm not saying that some of the others aren't as credible, I just feel like this guy goes above and beyond. Also there isn't a single product around that doesn't have some sort of copy, patent or not. He's offering a SIMILAR product at a price that is a little easier to swallow. Nuthin immoral or dishonest about that at all. It's entrepreneurial spirit. Cell phones, computers, the bike you ride, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the **** you shove in and even spew out of your mouth resembles something else=) Not ment to be snide, just real.
  12. wooddale

    wooddale New Member

    Ive had several dealings with Duane at Thats dax he is a standup guy and has become my friend through dealing with him. Thats beside the point though he stands behind his stuff 150% and you can always call and **** either answer or call you back. He also guarantees anything he sells most things for 1yr. Were all looking for new stuff if he finds a way to do some thing less expensive why not you can always pay more money if you want. Enough said. Illinois Larry
  13. I think I will stick to pirate cycles.Read the vendor reviews and he's 100% excellent.I want a pirate T shirt.Too much tension In this room:whistling:
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  14. I was wrong for my earlier posts and found out you cannot patent a shift kit and I apologize to professor for my earlier post.I was wrong and eat my words.Unfortunately though.In this society you can pretty much steal anyone's Idea.Even with a patent.And now because of Some Issues brought to my attention.I decided to Deal with pirate cycles.No offense to you good vibrations or anyone else In here.I just feel like I need to drop out of this post room with my dignity.And keep my mouth shut till" I learn more about how things work In the motorbike community.Think I'll go stand In a corner now with my nose against the wall for a few days.:icon_cry:
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  15. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Just spoke to Duane a few hours ago....

    He is a first class guy.... exchanging my engine for me no questions asked after almost a full year of owning it and using it!

    If he does not answer the phone himself, he returns ALL voicemails left for himself!
  16. I do understand your sensitivity, just know I'm not trying to offend you or anyone. I've never dealt with some of the other vendors and it kind of sounds like no one should be dealing with some of them. The whole shift kit, china made we need an american engine thing sort of gets me goin' though. Somebody needs to prove to me that Q.C. here is any better than it is anywhere else. As far as I'm concerned people here build ****. But that's not the point of this thread. Yes, get yer stuff from Dax.
  17. :dunce: Wow!!!!This site gets more heated over petty differences than a volcano.To each their own.Think I'll be a good little boy and go back In the corner now.:dunce:
  18. Seriously though,I have to admit seems like dax does take care of his customers.Anyone know If you can add an extended muffler to the titan or pipes? Dumb question,I know.I just seen his site and noticed there was no long cool muffler on the titan.Did not say I was 100% buying off him.Depends on my funds next friday.I may have to buy a freaking china girl 2 stroke.I hope I can upgrade.
  19. Hey guys. I wasn't tryin' to rustle anyone's feathers either. It just seems like alot of people base their op. of Thatsdax based on that shift kit thing and it's not the truth. No one needs to go to their corner or anything. This isn't supposed to be that kind of place. I haven't been on these forums for very long myself so my opinion is just a pi with an onion in it=) I hope Pirate treats you well. I may find myself using them someday. Some people have some things that others don't. Spredin' tha luv ya kno!
  20. wooddale

    wooddale New Member

    I do believe daxs kit will come with a muffler tail pipe If you remove the stock muffler on the Titan A stock muffler will bolt up.