Dax Clutch Handle



When using the push button lock on handle grip to disengage clutch . It seems that my tire will not rotate freely. I have to use my hand and pull the clutch lever full back past lock button in order to ride in bicycle mode. After riding long distance my hand gets tired of holding the clutch lever. I'm sure there's something out of adjustment .That button is there for a reason but I'm not sure how to adjust it. Any suggestions?
well go down to the adjusting peice on the motor and use a pair of plyers and hold it slightly back with pressure and make it so the cluch bar on your motor is just about faceing all the way straight backand hold the bar and the cable whare it feels good and tighten quickly. keep adjusting to your likeings thay may be a little different on some bikes
well im real bad with nameing these stuff on the motor but the peice that the cluch cable runs down to im shure you can see it its right thare next the the carb
Did you barely install your engine for the first time? Or has it worked before with a different clutch handle?

I heard from other people that the clutch arm on the engine doesn't work as smoothly at first, it needs to like settle in or something.

Correct me if I'm wrong. :D

I don't see why the dax handle itself would make your tires not move, it only controls whether the arm on the engine is in or out.

Or maybe you dont have enough tension in the cable and when you pull the handle in, it's not pulling the arm far enough in.
Joesph are you familiar with the DAX clutch lever.

Your statement below puzzels me.......you stated

"I don't see why the dax handle itself would make your tires not move, it only controls whether the arm on the engine is in or out."

Joesph : If your clutch handle is all the way out ( released) the back tire will not move.
By pulling the handle in you disengage clutch allowing the wheel to turn.

The clutch handle works great however, with engine off I want to ride in bicycle mode without having to hold the clutch lever in manually.
That's the mainfunction of the lock button to keep the lever depressed (held in).
Sorry for being confusing, I didn't understand what you stated originally. You made it seem like (to me at least) that the lever itself was making the tires not move.

What I was trying to get at, is that, the lever pulls on a cable which pulls on a little arm on the engine in or out, as you know. Well I was saying maybe that cable is a bit too long, making it so you have to pull in the lever farther than where the lock is in order for the engine to be disengaged. You can shorten it a bit so that the clutch pulls in farther on a shorter lever pull. so that it will stay in bicycle mode with the lock on, rather than you having to pull it farther in than that.

Is that a little easier to understand? If not, then I'm useless. :???: I can picture what im trying to say in my head because I had the same issue once, but I'm not good with words.
Sounds like you hit it right on the head, Joe.

My handle lock lets the wheel turn free but the clutch still drags a little. If I ever planned on riding it like a "regular" bicycle, I would adjust the clutch (by pulling up the cable adjuster a little) but the only time I use my lock it pushing it around the garage.
Joe........Thanks for the reply....... I understand how trying to describe an experience and expressing them into words can be confusing for some.
Your last comment on pulling the cable tighter ya I did that and it didn't help. Biker Joe says his tire drags a little bit with the button pushed in.
Perhaps it's normall to have some drag on the tire. Mine just happens to have more. Thanks for the support.
Yes, mine drags on the clutch plate when the button is locked, but if I pull the clutch more, it doesn't drag. I was afraid to pull the cable up any tighter for fear of having the clutch slip. See my signature. :LOL: