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    has anyone tryed the DAX GT50R from http://www.thatsdax.com/ im considering buying it, but want to know how it compares to the 66cc chinese engines, does it go faster or slower than a 66cc Chinese engine, and by how much, i know the chnese 66cc are 2.3 hp and the DAX GT50R is 4.2 hp, but the chinesee are 66cc and this is 47cc im not sure which means more in terms of speed, cc or hp? how much more reliable would it be, i know it should be much more reliable, but just how much so? can the DAX GT50R be run for 3+ hours mostly WOT without a problem, or is it just strictly racing and not able to be used as well for everyday use, can i use the DAX GT50R in between the frame on the bike, or is it strictly for use on the back of the bike's rack, also how good would it be on gas mileage compared to the 66cc happy time motors?
    please note, i am not very interested in the dax titan as opposed to the GT50R as i would prefer a 2 stroke.

    thanks for the help! :jester:
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  2. Call Duane at thatsdax.com and ask him all these questions....End of story....
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    no long distance on my phone... fml
  4. Well I can tell you this much,he claims the engine has almost twice as much power as the china girl so I would think it would be alot faster and of cource more power....Oh and I dont see anyway to mount it inbetween the frame....It looks to be a friction drive only....
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    Does DAX have an email? I can't be calling internationally on a cell with no long distance. Would like to speak to him though, i have a few questions on shipping and such.

    -Nevermind, found him!
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    Duane and I had quite a long discussion about this motor because i planed to get it as well. For starters, this engine will be ALOT more reliable thank HT's, and I mean ALOT. The whole design is different, it has CNC'ed heads, and ported intake/exhaust, higher quality metal, you name it! If you want reliability, then this engine will definitely be for you! I had about 7 ht's in the past and got about 4 of them to work out perfectly. That's 3 ht's which screwed me over ($450)! lol. For your questions regarding cc to hp; Horsepower over CC's all the way! that's 4.2 hp of raw power! (assuming your on sea level like me). I am not 100% sure about this, if someone can correct me, an engine with lower CC that can produce more power means your actually using more of the energy produced by your fuel in theory? However, There are currently no in frames designs sold by Dax, although some people here are working on it here. The only 2 designs available for now are the friction drive, and the rear chain drive. I will be getting the rear friction drive because its extremely simple and reliable. (I've had all chain drive in the past, its time to take a different route)
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    Duane over hypes his stuff. That is no more than a pocket bike engine, which can be had on ebay for $125. Yes, it does run very well seeing his videos of it. If it IS different than the typical pocket bike engine, he would have had to make the changes himself

    he claims 11k rpm. no load, that is fesable... i dont believe it would do that on a bike while riding, though. the 4.2 hp thing is a bit out there, too. hes claiming all of these facts and i havent seen any proof of it yet
  8. I agree with you 100%....I think the engine looks cheap and doesnt look like it would last long....I would reather go with a subaru kit from Staton or someone like that....
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    Well. I would jump the gun so fast. I think its a respectable upgrade from the HT engines. In terms of reliabilty, perhaps your better off going with a brand name engine of course. You have to give the guy some credit, he's going off on a tangent which seems to be great.
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    I do agree with you about 4.2hp part. It seems a little suspect.
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    If you want a proven 2 stroke, buy a Tanaka or Mitsubishi (hard to find but supposedly they are hitting the US market big time later this year). I bought a used Mitsubishi TLE-43 a couple of weeks ago and it's a nice engine - smooth, quiet, good power about equivalent to the China Girl 66cc slant head. Already logged more trouble free miles on it than any of the three China Girls I endured. The biggest problem I had with the China Girl is not so much the engine, but controlling the vibration which shakes the bike to pieces. Maybe something like the creativemechanic mounting system, if he still makes it and you can get it in a timely manner, would solve that. A better balanced engine is the real solution.

    The GT50R is a bit of a risk because it's new and there isn't much word of mouth on it, but dax seems to be a straight shooter and will support the engine.
  12. I have done some research and found that exact engine on flee-bay without the cluch.....Its a cheap engine and I would go with a Robin/Subaru engine and not have to worry about any problems....
    There is one more thing that happens to rear mount engines....If it falls over it could break the housing on the pullstart and have to be replaced....That can easily be done on a Tanaka,Mistubishi,or Subaru,but on the Dax kit your screwed,the engine is toast....
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    I have 3 of these 4hp cags now (similar to Dax gt50r) & they run strong. I got one geared 15.6:1 on a DH MTB that pulls 11,000rpm under load & breaks 50mph. Gotta keep the headbolts tight and loctited, replace the paper base gasket with a copper one, swap the cheapo plug wire, cap & plug for a good automotive wire/cap & NGK plug, & run premium non-ethanol gas mixed 32:1 (now 40:1). Best hi-performance engine for low-price ($129) IMHO.