DAX Titan 50cc or Harbor Freight 52cc???

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by kbizass, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. kbizass

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    What MPH are you getting with this setup and the 1.25 roller with the BMP kit? I purchased a BMP kit but Im undecided on the engine. Im either going to go with the harbor freight 52cc engine or the DAX. I weigh about 165lbs with a 40lb bike.

  2. strotter

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    Go with the Honda 50. Worth the extra money.
  3. darwin

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    I have the exact same setup with the titan and am pleased with it, no speedo but weighing in at 205 Im pretty sure on the flat mine goes around 33 mph judging by the cars passing. I wonder how replacement parts are for the HF engines. With the titan parts are reasonable and the vendor is great to work with.
  4. andyszyd

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    2 stroke and 4 stroke are 2 different animals.

    I have HF 52 with BMP 1.25, does 33MPH on flat with me 280 lb and 40lb bike.

    It would probably get close to 40MPH with 165 lb driver and 1.5 roller.

    Fuel milage not very good about 80MPG.

    I do not have Titan so I can not speak for it. Titan would definitely get better fuel milage I guess.

    Also 52cc is about half price of Titan and about 1/3 price of Honda gx50.

    HF 52 weighs about 8 lb dry, Titan about 12 lb.
  5. strotter

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    I have a honda 50 and a titan. The titan is good, but the honda is great! Think about life cycle cost. If the honda lasts twice as long as the titan, then it is less.
  6. andyszyd

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    I am itching to get Titan or Honda GX50, I do not mind to spend more on Honda, but there seems to be problems with Honda carburator with adaptation to most throttle kits sold around, according to some post, (this is not my personal opinion but that of some posters on this board).

    Also Honda GX engine has no clutch, and the bolting pattern of Honda and Titan seems to be different (again according to some posts).

    I would appreciate if somebody could elaborate further on it.

    Bottom line is:

    I'll get Honda in a heartbeat if there is no problems to adapt it to particular set-up.
  7. andyszyd

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    I would not judge my speed according to cars passing by.

    Most cars speedos are not good either. I checked all my cars speedos on interstate over the years timing the mile posts and all my cars speedos are off 2-10 MPH showing the higer speed I am really going at.

    For Honda 50GX with 1.25 " roller to go to 33MPH it has to spin at 9000 RPM.

    (Simple math or calculator will prove it).

    I do not have Honda 50, but in general 4 strokes will not rev as high as comparable 2 strokes.

    My 52cc HF 2 stroke goes to 33MPH at 9000Rpm with BMP 1.25 roller according to my quality spedo.

    Honda 50 will probably go to 35+ using 1.50" roller due to its midrange power and torque.

    HF replacement parts are available, but you have to wait 4-8 weeks I was told.
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    I would buy a robin !!!!
  9. andyszyd

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    I got a Robin Hood too!

    Great engine, hauls my fat *** at 22 MPH with 1 inch roller, getting 120 + MPG and it isn't even broken in yet.

    Unless you are a speed demon this is the only MB engine you'll ever need.

    Quiet, super reliable, and it will always start at first pull unlike most of 2 stroke beasts.

    No getting your hand dirty mixing gas.

    I would choose Subaru ECO 35 to haul me coast to coast or around the world with confidence.

    Weighs only 8lb

    A bargain at $145 available now.

    Made in Japan not China or elsewhere like Hondas currently produced.
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    LOL Too many jokes wanting to spew forth. :jester:

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    Nuttsy, when you let me see your famous CVT built?
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