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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by magna_503, May 29, 2009.

  1. magna_503

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    I am reinstalling my titan kit today and the chain kept getting loose. I'm not exactly sure what to do next so If anybody has a tip let me know. thanks

    Next question is, upon start up, i see a lot of white smokesssssss... and a lot of oil is blowing out the exhaust. Do i have too much oil?

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    ooops, this goes in "frame mount", racks are the engines behind the saddle.

    don't worry, some MBxpert will come along, I'm just bumping this up to maybe get a moderator to get the thread in the Daxcatagory.

    MBedit: ooops, my bad, wasn't paying attn. :whistling:
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  3. magna_503

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    my titan is a rackmount...
  4. fetor56

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    2 chains.......if your talking about the larger chain for driving the rear wheel it can never be perfect.To a degree chains go loose/tight,loose/tight etc all the time;the best u can do is make sure the bushs for the jackshaft are EXECTLY the same distance from the bottom of the engine base when adjusting your smaller chain(adjust that first)
    Adjust the larger chain by raising or lowering the base(there's 2 adjustment systems on that entire base)
    I use a spring loaded tensioner with descent KMC chains on both drive systems.
    Oil:....u can't have too much oil in the engine......something else is incorrect if your blowing smoke.How many Mls have u done,have u checked the valve clearances,have u been messing with the mixture screw?
    Old pic of my Titan:
  5. brendonv

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    Check your sprockets and make sure there almost as centred as they can. If there off centre they will go loose tight loose tight. If its a bit to off centre it can be really loose, really tight which would throw the chain off. Thats about all it can be. As for the smoke, white smoke is pretty normal on start up. It just means its cold. If its dripping oil it means ur running it with too much oil so run a lil less next time. It shouldnt blow to much smoke, white smoke should be coming out constantly with 2 strokes but not too much. If its enough to make u go dizzy when u revv the bike at stand still its to much haha. U shouldnt really be able to see the white smoke after its warm but on start up a bit comes out. Also ive never had one of these engines but if u can tune the carb then it might be running a bit to rich (to much fuel, not enough air) so maybe turn the high screw back a lil. It might be getting to much fuel.

    Anyway its seems pretty good, my bike use to blow tuns of white smoke, enough to make me dizzy if i revved it when i was sitting at an intersection or something. If i revved it i had a cloud around me after 10 seconds. Running 20:1 in it fixed that. No 16:1 for me anymore. Also try cleaning ur airfilter before tuning it.

    If its a 4 stroke then it can only be a dirty air filter and/or u need to lean it out a lil.

    Hope that helps ya,
    From Brendon.v
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  6. magna_503

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    you guys are right, i rechecked the sprocket centering and it looks like it is off a little bit. I'll probably end up ordering the sprocket adapter from manic mechanics as a fixy.

    as for the oil, i had it filled up to the line on the dipstick only. Should I take some out?
  7. fetor56

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    No....with my Honda/HS 50 engines i have them full to the point of overflowing.Oil level is not a problem with these engines,just use a good synthetic at 10W-30.

    BTW...can't comment on MM's clamshell cos i've never used it...this is the Clam Shell i'm using on a different bike.It's fiddley to setup but once setup works great.I've taken the sprocket off 4 times to test different toothed sprockets & it's always gone back perfect.
    Grubee also has a Heavy duty sealed bearing hub that the sprocket bolts to,i'm using that on my Titan.
  8. magna_503

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    fetor56, livefastmotor's clamshell does looks like a great alternative to MM with minor tweaking. I picked the MM sprocket adapter to minimize tweaking. I hope it'll do the job.

    I just accepted a job 7 miles away next week vs 20miles on my previous job, i should have the bike up and running by then.

    Currently the motor is sitting in my garage as I do ride it w/o the engine every day. Once I received the sprocket adapter, I'll install everything at once.

    Wish me luck
  9. fetor56

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    LOL...wish it was only a question of "minor tweeking".....let's say slightly more than minor;bordering on pain in the bum tweeking. :annoyed:

    You should start a thread on MM's adapter after you've tested it.Many ppl(including myself) would be interested cos it's half the price of LFM's & looks quite secure.....the only thing i don't like about it is the need to buy specific sprockets from them.
    With LFM clamshell your not restricted to their sprockets...u can use normal HT sprockets from anywhere & modify them easily to fit.
    The Grubee HD hub is a whole different ball game.....u need to tap out the bearing & flip the axle over IF your going to use it on a MTB.
  10. magna_503

    magna_503 New Member

    So i remounted the motor back on the rack, started up the engine to break it in. As i revved up mid way, i started seeing oil coming out the tail pipe. It is literally drippin black oil out the tail pipe, and clean oil out the intake. Followed this is a lot of black smoke out the tail pipe. Anyhow, try adjusting the air/fuel mixture screws to minimize the amount of oil dripping out the exhaust. However, the motor choked and died at when I hold the throttle about 3/4 of the way. I Could some one let me know what is going on here.
  11. fetor56

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    This is a bit of an enigma....have u contacted Dax & what does he say(he's the guy who should know his engines the best)
    The reason i ask about contacting Dax is his earlier Titans have internal mods but he was always coy about EXACTLY what,& i don't know if the latest engines have mods or not.
    Have the engine casings been previously split?
  12. magna_503

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    got my sprocket adapter today and just got done putting them on the wheel. Once i get the motor reinstall, I'll let you guys know how it turn out. So far installation of the sprocket+adapter is a breeze. Very little time spent on truing up the sprocket. No more wobbling side to side and no more up and down play neither... :) .
  13. magna_503

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    I got it running over the 4th. Cruising along at 23mph and top speed so far is 35.8mph on a 38t sprocket.