Dax Titan + MM sdprocket adapter

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    Dax Titan + Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter

    Dax Titan 50cc rack mount with extras. Engine has about 150 miles on it and should be broken-in or close to it. I also have a Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter with 40T sprocket on a Shimano hub with 7 speed cassette and Weinman 519 rim. I'm willing to sell the wheel with the engine kit or seperate. Whoever makes the highest bid on the kit/wheel will be the new owner. If there's anyone local, I'm in Ogden, UT, who wants to buy the bike with kit installed that would be even better.

    If interested in either or both PM me and I'll send you a list of the extras I have for the DAX kit, there's quite a few.

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