dax titan rear mount kit for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by unior, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. unior

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    For sale: a complete dax rear mount setup for sale minus a titan xc50 or other engine.

    Kit includes:

    Rank mount and all hardware
    (2) 5:1 gearboxs with 10T sprocket and xc50 clutch housing
    36T rear sprocket
    43" length of chain
    32" length of chain
    new throttle cable
    new kill Switch
    new grips

    The bad:

    One mounting bracket is slightly bent for clearance issues.
    The torque strap is slightly bent from crashing issues.

    Both can probably be bent back with no ill affects.

    Just add an engine.

    $115 + shipping.

  2. unior

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    $100 shipped to 48 states
  3. drg007

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    Picture pls
  4. unior

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  5. Tanaka40

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    Your Pics from YOUR bike please. I know what the unit looks like , but I need to know how much damage there is.
  6. unior

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    Those are actual pics taken after the kit had been removed and degreased.

    Chrome torque straps are $10 from dax.


    I'm sure he'd be able to sell you the other bracket also.

    Really all you would need is a torque strap and titan engine.

    Here's some close ups of the bendage. I have no pictures of the kit installed anymore unfortunately.

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