Dax vs Bluecollar?

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    Hey, I'm getting ready to build my first motorized bike.

    I think I'm going to go with a Kulana Moon Dog since it's cheap and catchy looking. Plus there seems to be good support on the forums here for those for when I inevitably mess up ;).

    I'm going to get the 49CC motor and am trying to decide between dax or bluecollar 's offerings. Looks like they have the same motor but am wondering which has the better accessories and parts in their kit?

    They cost 200 and 195 respectively and shipping is about 25 for either so it's a toss up for me. Can anyone suggest one or the other as having better machined/quality parts in their kit?

    Thanks for your help and consideration!

  2. I may be wrong, but I believe Bluecollars price includes shipping. Might want to PM him and check. Aslo delivery might be faster from him.. I believe they are all the same, but some Vendors state otherwise.
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    BlueCollar v. Dax

    I've had some experience with both of these vendors.
    I think they're both fine and honorable and I suspect the quality of the kits is about the same (good quality). However, I don't know this for a fact since I never received a kit from either.
    Having just said that, based on my experience, the only thing I would caution you about is to positively nail down the delivery time for your kit.
    As of this morning, Dax's web site says 10 days 'lead time' on SHIPPING (not delivery). So, even if he ships your kit after 10 days from when you place your order, you won't see your kit for at least 2 weeks and it could be longer.
    I don't know what BlueCollar's time periods are like but I'd sure ask.
    Also, I don't know why it takes 10 days to ship an order. I got the impresion from BlueCollar's posts that he just puts a label on a box and ships it to you. Maybe there's a lot more to it and I misunderstood...
    If you'd like to get it built and ride it before summer ends, that would be my main concern.
    I got so tired of waiting for a kit, I just built my own friction drive system.
    If you want to go that way, check out my personal blog for details:


    I hope this helps!

    Steve G.
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    I've bought two kits from Dax and I have not been sorry. And I'm positive that there are others here who would say the same.

    Someone once suggested that maybe Dax ships his orders every two weeks, hence the lead time. If this is the reason for it, then that is perfectly reasonable and I have no hard feelings on the matter.

    I've never dealt with bluecollar bikes. But that fellow hasn't shown me any reason to deny my business to him. I do get the feeling that he's fairly new to this business. I don't know if that would sway my decision or not. And he has at least a few people here who he has impressed.

    Those of us who have bought from one or the other are likely to stick with what has worked for us in the past.

    If you simply flipped a coin, you'd probably come out of it all right.
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    Hi, again
    If, as it appears, the kits are the same, the price is the same and both vendors are honest, reliable, etc. then the only factor I can think of that would matter to someone would be the delivery time.
    Having gone through this myself, that's what it came down to for me.
    If you just don't care how long it takes to get the kit, then I would just flip a coin as BGW suggests.
    If you care to get it sooner rather than later, again, the main issue I would resolve is shipping time.
    Once you get the kit from either vendor, you'll enjoy it!

    Have a blast!
    Steve G
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    Steve a big hello from another Oregonian. I use to live in GP, went to Rogue Community College and lived on Rogue River Hwy - 20 years ago!!!

    I would feel perfectly comfortable with either vendor and am currently waiting for a engine from Blue Collar and planning one from Dax.

    Agree for me its a matter of delivery times.
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    Blue Collar has the coolest bike ever built on a T-Shirt...