Dax's or grubee's

Should I buy the grubee or the thatsdax engine?

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1cc said:
You guy's in the states seem to think these engines are made by dax or grubee which they are not.
i guess it may look like people think the vendors are the makers. i suppose in some beginner's cases it's true, but that doesn't last long here.

of course, it's the vendor's choice of maker/exporter, and the vendor's customer satisfaction reputation that matters.




I agree with what you said augidog, but just felt the need to point it out to some on the forum. I have also noticed in the states that a lot of the dealers claim 50cc engines & 80cc engines when infact the chinese Engines are either 48cc or 66cc which they sell over there as either 50cc or 80cc. Bit of false advertising going on between these dealers.


Lots of good accurate info there 1cc.

The same thing goes on with those eBay scooters. They are imported by a few dealers and most of them are made in one of 5 or 6 factories. Most of those being based on terrible clones of the Honda engine/driveline.

The quality control and fit and finish range from pretty darned good on a few (though not consistently) all the way down to absolutley sad.

The thing with these or any other Chinese engine, no matter which factory built it, is to optimize what you have.

Make sure the gaskets, hardware, ect are in good shape, check bolts frequently and use Loctite, don't over torque your headbolts or spark plug. Make sure your carb mixture is right. Get a good quality spark plug. Run sythetic oil.


this from a more popular & reputable dealer's ebay ad, honesty sells more in the long run...

Keep in mind similar looking kits are sold as F80 80cc kits. They are not. Ask the seller to supply the bore and stroke and then do the math, and you too will see, they are not 80cc motors, not even close. My engines are 70cc engines. Approximately 68cc's to be more exact.
yes, whatever you wind up with, optimization, & not necessarily modifcation, is the key to top performance 8)


I rate the Chinese bike engines I've owned in this order:

1. Tiger brand, sold by Livefast Motors
2. ThatsDacs
3. Kings

That being said, the Kings is the fastest but the quality is the poorest.



hello.....just thought i'd an my thought, i spent almost 2 years deciding whom to buy from.....sent countless eMails & telephone call's.......DAX took the time.....talked to me over the phone for almost 45 minutes.....THAT COUNTED. I bought the 70cc kit and ,(just lucky ?) the thing has been running great right out of the box. Duane of THATSDAX has my vote for honesty & after purchase help.


Seven Factories, a million sellers

Hello, truth is, Don Grube, being in China, (and was an engineer for a major US auto-parts firm) has done more for the development of these engines than anyone else ever has, and maybe ever will.
The Poo Poo pipe is his, the BB Idler, the 9-hole sprocket he and I designed. The frames etc.
BUT the main difference that all the Box-Sellers from eBay, and the cheaper engine sellers did not g ever develop up into doing was using SKF bearings imported from Europe, by Don, so that the bearings would not break.
Don charged me, and the other distrubitors more for the engines at the gate, but the quality was better, many times in things you-all would never see (perfect example is the SKF's, which may cost MORE than the whole china-motor elsewise).

Sometimes, and in some ways, you will get what you pay for, Mike


yeah, there's a lot of info that doesn't get to the consumer. i think that's been very detrimental to the market & the movement. "grube vs. dax?" is the perfect example of the lack of information available to us. note this is an older topic, most of us know much more than we did when it was originally posted.

"what's or who's best?" as pertains to the poorboy who sees the realistic practicality, or to the folks who just see a neat toy & another way to consume? both matter, but i think the market initially targeted the wrong faction. at this point, the poorboy can't be concerned with what should have been, but only where the limited funds are best spent.

spilt milk...let's all stick together and take it from here 8)


why for you say that? every opinion counts...all you did was relate your experience with dax. too bad if you took a bit of informative rebuttal personally.

everything that happens here matters, including how skewed our info used to be.

mayhaps you'd be more comfortable if you posted in "introduce yourself" and got
to know everyone before you jumped on in?
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