Dax's or grubee's

Should I buy the grubee or the thatsdax engine?

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To torque or not to torque, that is the question.

Tombird - I used a 1/4 round file to enlarge the hole. I took a felt pen and drew a margin around the hole and file'd till the line was gone, the sprocket is soft and only took a few minutes.
Thank you. I'll go buy a quarter round and try it. I believe the amount to take off is about 1/8 of an inch.

I have another question. My Dax engine is leaking oil (just a hint right now) out of the lower gasket. I torqued the head bolts to 12 ft pounds of pressure like Kings says to do on their web site. That much torque on a king's engine causes the studs to shear. What is your suggestion?

In preparation for my Denver trip in the spring, I want to start next month to set up a new Dax engine and gently break it in. I ride my bikes all winter long, except when there is snow on the streets. Salt Lake City has great snow removal services. So I should have one engine broken in and a spare to take with me "just in case."

Love my bike!



I have found that if I have a gasket that is leaking, nothing will fix it except a new gasket. Careful with the torque, these studs will snap. I don't like the gasket material these engines use, I have lots of gaskets around and usually there is a peace large enough the make one, but you could go get some material and make your own. Have fun, Dave


I rate the Chinese bike engines I've owned in this order:

1. Tiger brand, sold by Livefast Motors
2. ThatsDacs
3. Kings

That being said, the Kings is the fastest but the quality is the poorest.

Have you tryed a PowerKing lately?
I have and the differences from it's preddessor is astonishing.

The kits I'm getting from powerKing now are totally different from what they carried even 6 months ago.
For starters,
:they now have 8 mm head bolts as apposed to 6mm
:They use lower aswell as UPPER roller bearings instead of a bushing
:Much nicer throttle and matching grip
:higher quality intake manifold
:Better exhaust gasket
:The actual castings are of a much higher quality(no holes and/or pits in the cooling fins, etc.)
and other upgrades aswell.

Having purchaced 7 or 8 of these kits in the last couple months, I've had not a single problem with any of them , and the quality has remained consistently excellent.
I've had problems in the past with the quality of PowerKings kits and have stated such in this forum previously, but the kits they now carry are excellent.
I honestly can't think of a single weakness in todays PowerKIng kit compared to any others on the market and the service I've recieved from John in their Burbaby warehouse has been nothing short of topnotch.

I've just purchased a 49 cc 4 stroke kit from them.
Just installed it yesterday .
This Kit looks exc aswell.
I'm using a 44t rear sprocket from a HT instead of the 50t it came with as I havent had time to build a rear wheel around the freewheeling hub that was supplied but even with the 12 percent increase in gear ratio , it seems to have much more bottom end torque than any happpy time but this might be a dillusion on my part and don't take this as fact till i put them side by side. lol
Anyways , I myself am more than happy with the Kits PowerKing now carries, Both 2stroke and 4 stroke.



May 14, 2008
I rate the Chinese bike engines I've owned in this order:

1. Tiger brand, sold by Livefast Motors
2. ThatsDacs
3. Kings

That being said, the Kings is the fastest but the quality is the poorest.

Why do you say that the Kings engine is the poorest quality? I've heard of people getting many miles out of them. Can you enlighten me please. Oh and I'm supposed to be getting one soon so I am curious.
Mar 16, 2008
My first engine is a Grubee 48cc roundhead Spitfire and I love it. Very smooth, durable, dependable, and you dont see many roundheads anymore..
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