DE is going on the road again


Zemus DE

So yeah we are starting our big winter tour throughout the south(getting away from this cold weather). We will be leaving Billings and going to San Diego CA for a Sailboat show there on Jan 3-6. From there we go to Quartzite AZ for a RV rally. We will have a booth at Tyson Wells Sell-a-Rama from Jan 18-27. Then we will hang out there until the Super Bowl which we will try to tailgate at. After that we will take a leisurely drive to Miami FL where we exhibit at a huge international boat show, which takes place Feb 14-18. From there we will do a few small flea market shows in the area. In March we travel to the Northeast and do a few boat shows and other various Trade shows. I dont have the dates for the shows on hand but i can update them regularly.

Anyways, what i am trien to really get at here is that we will be covering alot of ground and stopping alot. So if anybody is not to far off our course, we would love to stop and go for rides and show off what we make. I mean for the most part its just going to be three guys on the road for like 3 months. It gets tiring seeing the same three faces 24/7... :mad:. well no we all get along well, but hey we really got nothin better to do while on the road, so plz hit us up.

I should be able to post what major highways we will be on, if people are interested, and update our current locations while on the road. If I am unable to access the internet at any point i should have someone staying in billings keep it all up to date.

Um I cant think of much else to say about it now... but like i said i will keep in touch.

Happy Holidays all and Happy New Year



bring that sun trike to Quartzsite,,your 06 model its sold and I'll be there on the opening day!


When cutting through Texas, stop in Ft Worth. I know 2 or 3 of us would get a kick out of meeting you.