De-restricting Speed Limiters

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Meer123, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Anyone out there familiar with de-restricting speed limiters found on things like the E+ (or Tidal Force) or the EZip or IZip or Ultra A2B bikes ? There's surely at least a dozen more electric bikes I am missing but I think you get the idea. There's also a number of promising electric scooters/moped out there but most (if not all) of these electric bikes/scooter/mopeds have restrictions to keep the vehicles in line with current legislation OR to artificially force the vehicle to deliver on promised mileage figures.

    But some folks (me being one of them as I am sure some of you are) need their bikes/moped/scooters to move smartly - even if we're not "racing anyone" the ability to have burst speed of 25mph or 30mph to get out of a dangerous situation or for merging or to traverse a busy crossing/intersection - it's very important that your bike can do it - even if you can't sustain that pace for long duration - the ability for your electrified bike to deliver some amount of burst speed when the situation warrants it.

    I see that many of these products can only do 18mph or 20mph and have no burst speed reserves ? I do not have a problem with cruising at 20mph (after all, it is in spirit of the law in many places) but I think that some of these bikes were engineered to deliver more and are being dumbed down and that isnt right. Speed limits in most interstates are 55mph or 65mph yet all highway legal vehicles I've been in can do 75mph or 85mph (usually more - but this is the very least) and this is because automakers are giving the public some credit and allowing us to modulate our pace ourselves.

    Anyway - any suggestions on how to de-restrict these electric bikes will be much appreciated. I have thought of just giving it more juice but i do not know what the effects would be on the other electrical components - even if the motor can do it - could the controller ?


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    I've read the BionX system can be de-restricted by using a certain code on the console. The other bikes would probably require greater voltage and/or a new controller in the least. If you want a FAST ebike you should look no further than crystalyte. They seem to have the widest variety of ehubs, controllers and components. The x5 series pull some major amps and I've seen videos of bikes that are basically electric motorcycles, traveling with traffic in 50mph zones. Of course, this kind of power won't come cheap. The batteries are going to cost you thousands if you want good range and speed. But I'd highly recommend that you do NOT buy a full ebike and work backwards on it, it'll just cost you more in the long run. Instead, find what esystem you want and match up a bike that will be compatible. Then take your sweet time researching and putting the bike together so once it's finished you have a solid, reliable machine that won't short out or otherwise leave you stranded.