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I have been conversing with some people about the wooden drive from Dimension Edge. I am not encouraging or discouraging anybody from buying a DE kit. It is just what I wound up with off ebay and it hauls my hiney around.So I took some pictures of my set up on the Cannondale. Also note the high tech hillbilly spare gas tank. I had to add some springs to hold the roller on the tire. I wound up slicking off a perfectly good Wally World Special. Cost over $8.00 before I got the tension set right. Anyway the engine is a direct drive (no centrifugal clutch) Since I use the engine pretty much all the time I have learned how to use the bike gears to start up at red lights. The kill switch no workie so pretty good so I just let the compression kill the engine at stop lights and am getting real good at being sure the bike is in a low gear so I dont have to throw all 270 pounds against the compression of the Tecumseh. I have ran about 5 gallons of fuel through the engine and it is really starting to run good. Also note how the roller has taken the shape of the tire.Also note the slick stickers. Hope the pictures help inform others like I used to be.


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Now thats some springing adjustments if i ever saw them. Whatever get's you down the road! Awesome.
ok well hey you can easily get rid of your spring... the problem with your engagement is that you legs are mounted wrong. the u shaped leg that should have a pvc tube with spring inside it. That piece needs to be perpendicular with the engine mount. Reason being, that with the angle you have now, is doesnt allow the u mount to slide through the pvc tube.

because of the situation you got, Dimension Edge got rid of that spring and pvc tube. Now they just use a simpler spring that attaches to the earlier discuses U mount and is stretched to the back of the engine mount. just makes things less finicky and allows for greater engagement distance.

Anyway if you really have a ton of trouble, try the web site(I know its freakin in massive need of an update, something i actually tried but dont ever have enough time.) if that doesnt work just call, the only number i remember know is the local number which is (406)652-6766 but there is an 800 number i am just to lazy to look it up(56k thats runnin at 22 kbs). anyhow i gotta reply to a pm then im outty for a while, but i am gonna try and get more into this site, i dig it alot.
nice & low

That's the lowest mount I've seen. Good job. Looks like it's part of the bike.
Seems I may have mounted it somewhat away from the manufacturers recommendations. But it works fine and I am extremely happy with it. I am really amazed how that wooden driver works. Almost everybody makes a knurled driver and the homemade jobs have spot welds all over the driver. This DE is just a smooth wooden wheel. And it works great. Not wet mind you but I live in a semi-arid region so wet is not a problem. DE makes a carbonunum wheel also they say is for wet climes but I cannot speek to its worth.
Looks like you have a nice scrubber there BigK, sharp looking canon. The wood drive is probably easier on your tires than knurled steel.
Well there has been some changes to my scrubber. It got pulled off the Cannondale and installed on a Specialized Cross Country. The Cannondale is getting a Formula Drive with a Tanaka 40CC. Had to make some hilbilly modifications to the DE and as you can see ma, no legs. The leg attachment was too short for the 700 bike so I caned them. The bike is now direct drive and is working well. The little wooden drive wheel is still doing its thing. Anyway here are pics of the new ride and my Cannondale with its new (future) set up. I switched to a 2.30 tire and che a little big. I need to get the wheel trued so it no slappie the frame.
I know the guys in ID cringe when they see what the WT oilfield redneck has done to their drives, but it works for me.


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Hey BigK,
Was that engine kit made to raise up and down like a clutch for stopping and starting?
Just curious.
The wood seems to be holding good.
Way to go.
Yes, it was made to raise up and down. It came to me sorta FUBAR and I never got it to work right. I looked at the pictures on the DE website and they even offered me some advice, but I just could never get the thing figured out. When I put on the 2.30 tire it rubbed on some pivot points on the mechanism so I switched it to the thinner tire bike. Eventually I am going to find another DE kit on Ebay and a 26 inch MB with thinner profile tires (if my wife dosent kill me, "What? another Bike! You can only ride them one at a time.)and it will be set up right. I like the TC engines as they are tougher than woodpecker lips, easy to work on and spark plugs are at Wal Mart.
I'm diggin' this! I had considered a DE set-up with mudslinging scrubber, but ended up with an IH set-up.
This is making me consider another friction rack mount in the future, and really looking again to the DE system...
Keep us goin' on this, it's interesting.