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    Here is an A to Z list of all motorized bicycle dealers:

    Arrow Motorized Cycles Reviews Reviews
    Bike Motor Reviews
    Bike Motor Kit Reviews
    Bike Motor Parts Reviews (No Longer In Business) Reviews
    Blue Collar Bikes Reviews
    Blow By U Motorized Bicycles Reviews
    BoyGoFast Reviews
    California Motorbikes Reviews
    Bumblebee Bolton Reviews
    Chris Hill Reviews
    Custom Motored Bicycles Reviews
    Dimension EDGE Inc. Reviews
    E-BikeKit Reviews
    EcoTrax Reviews
    Engines Online Shop Reviews
    EZ Motorbike Reviews
    Gas Bicycle Motor Reviews (No Longer In Business) Reviews
    Ghetto Bike Reviews
    Golden Eagle Bike Engines (GEBE) Reviews
    Happy-Time Cycles Reviews
    Helio Bikes Reviews
    Imperial Cycles Reviews
    Jakes Custom Motorized Bicycle Reviews
    JNMotors Bikes Reviews
    KC's Kruisers Reviews
    King's Motor Bikes Reviews
    Live Fast Motors Reviews
    Motevlo Reviews
    Motorized Bicycle Cananda Reviews
    Motorized Bicycle USA Reviews
    Papa Motor E-bike Innovation Reviews
    Pedal Chopper Reviews
    Phantom Bikes Reviews
    Ping Battery Reviews
    Pirate Cycles Reviews (No Longer In Business)
    Piston Bikes Reviews
    PowerKingShop Reviews
    Red Rock Cycles Reviews (No Longer In Business)
    Rock Solid Bicycle Engines Reviews
    Ronald V. Becker Reviews
    Santa Cruz Green Motors Reviews (No Longer In Business)
    Sick Bike Parts Reviews
    Simpson Motor Bikes Reviews
    SpookyToothCycles Reviews
    Sportsman Flyer Reviews
    Staton-Inc Reviews
    ThatsDax Reviews
    TheScooterGuy Reviews (No Longer In Business)
    TigerToothBikes Reviews (No Longer In Business)
    USABikeMotors Reviews (No Longer In Business)
    Venice Motor Bikes Reviews
    ZBox Reviews
    Zeda Motorsports Reviews
    Zone8Cycling Reviews
    Zoom Bicycles Reviews

    If there is a vendor that you do not see here, please reply to this thread or send me a PM with details.
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    Could you add - Local South African seller.
    Great service.
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    Added to the list and created a review thread.
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    I bought from California Motorbikes. Didn't see them on the list.
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    Please add JNMotorsbikes to the vendor review list.
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    One of the biggest turn off to me even before I every buy is if a vendors is if they do not list a physical address I will not deal with them as I like to know where my money is going.

    I know this took a lot of work and I thank you for it!!!!!!! Needs to be updated as many links are dead links go to another link or just goes to the forum menu. A good third need to be deleted or told they no longer in business. Just trying to help.
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    Arrow Motorized Cycles one thing is for sure you do not only not list a physical address your contact page does not work on your web site!
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    If I have a choice I always try to buy from a vendor in the US and hopefully free shipping. It speeds up returns and makes inquiries much easier!
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    Where's Bike Motor Kit ??

    They've been around for a decade supposedly in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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    Thanks, added them to the list above.
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