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Apr 26, 2008
Hi guys ....... Maybe you can help. After waiting 2 months for my EZ-3 with a 50cc Honda from Staton, I finally cancelled my order. He had charged the full amount to my credit card & I was tired of paying interest. Seemed he always had to do some machining. I changed my order several times in order to get something sent, including things he had in stock but it was always the same deal...... he had some machining to do & couldn't give me a time for shipping. Yes I did get my money credited back to my charge card & yes David Staton seemed quite honest but I really don't know how he can advertise these things & not deliver them, so am at a loss now for where to go and what to buy. I really want an EZ3 and really want a 50 cc Honda attached. Any idea's?
He is the only place offering that and when I talked to him it was still being developed. not sure who else offers something like it.
If you were after the ez3 sx maybe you could buy the bike from a local bike shop, and just order the kit for it. The ax model is slightly different as it has a split rear axle because of the cambered wheels, the kits will fit but require a bit of modification to work. From what i remember i seen some pics on the staton website.

If you know someone pretty handy then am sure you could install the kits together, as most of these kits are aftermarket and with patience can be attached by the average person who knows the difference between a flat head and a star screwdriver !!!!!

My wife has an ax model bought it secondhand on ebay, got a really good deal on it i had wanted to add a motor to it but because it lugs the kids trailer around and the engine would have mounted in front of them had to go with electric instead.

lots of fun on short distances, but can not compare to the gas engine as far as reliabilty or distance.

Thanks Vegas - I have been thinking along those lines, as well as just building one from scratch. Do you or anyone know the best torque converter (variable drive) unit for this engine or should I just use Staton's? I am trying to stay away from electric as none of them seem to have any long distance capability. Staton is supposed to soon have an electric assist for the Honda which might be worth considering but the wait has been agonizing. I have a machinist friend with a quality mill & am familiar with building things.
Here is what I really want to build - a powered Velomobile to drive in a million mo-ped march to Washington.


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yeap that variable assist has been on the website for over 6 months know, i think everybodys tounges are starting to dry up.

I searched far and wide and i think mr staton was the only one selling those gear boxes for the trikes. Sorry you had to bail on the complete package bike+kit,am sure if you just ordered a kit that doesnt have the variable drive it would be available, you could always swap the gearbox out at a later date when he finally gets around to been able to sell it.

whatever you decide make sure and keep us updated as that will be one beast when its finished....
I will keep you posted Paddy. I know there must be a variable drive out there as most scooters use them. I found one for $175 but the shaft size wasn't 5/8". I may just end up ordering all the parts from Staton and putting it together myself, but right now am bummed out on the deal.
That Velomobile design not only makes me think of the ol' Messerschmitt I have rotting away in my yard, but also the 'mailbox' by Big Daddy Roth... Cool design man, and I hope when you get on it you do a Pictorial documentation here for us to follow. Have you considered the Spandex/foam core technique form that outer shell? you could use some kevlar in strategic places for structural strengthening... Just you know, diggin' on your idea here, not trying to tell ya' what to do. :)
Thanks Uncle ........ It was just something I came up with on my widdle CAD program. My initial thinking is all wood formers/stringers with 1/32" ply covering but if it weighs too much, might change to fiberglass mold or dacron/polyester covering similiar to my homebuilt airplane. I have considered Spandex but will be looking for a high gloss hard finish. My two goals would be a good finish & light in weight. Formers could also be foamboard enclosed in fiberglass but all that is still down the road until I get a trike & an engine. For now I am just pouting about it all.
Enclosed bike

Hello, if this is what you want to do, why not go with the tried and true fabric with Dope over a light weight structure (even maybe thin bamboo)?