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    Goofy idea and not even sure if it would be legal to ride an MB here but a friend of mine suggested we ride through deals gap this summer if my bikes ready...I think we'd probably get run off the road and I'm guessing a few big hills but check it out...The big draw is for motorcycle riders with a wapping 318 turns in 11 miles ! Sounds like a LOT of fun...Somebody outta organize a ride...

    This is one of the many websites

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    Hi redpiper,

    Why do bagpipers march?

    To get away from the noise.

    and I never, ever would have guessed that I'd find an opening for that lame joke on this site.
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    Good one..Iv'e heard a lot of them and thats a new one on me !

    Got another one for you..

    What do real pipers wear under they're kilt ?

    Shoes !
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    I think I'm gonna put the breaks on a Deals Gap ride...I watched a few videos on youtube and figured the old MB's would be a little too slow for a ride like that...A lot of the motorcycles are going way too fast and a lot of the corners have real tight turns without being able to see the end of the curve...End result: having to go to the hospital to have a Kawasaki Ninja pulled out of your tail end !
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    Sorry to go off-topic on you. But Michigan is my home state. Hillsdale County, south of Jackson, to be more precise.

    What part of the winter wonderland are you in?
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    Mid Michigan near a town called Portland...About half way between Lansing and Grand Rapids...I grew up in Sterling Heights if youve ever heard of that town...