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    Hi, my name is Steven, and I'm an addict.....

    I've only had my first motorized bike for almost three weeks and I'm loving it. I have a Huffy Cranbrook sporting a HT engine, all stock. I'm riding it as a commuter and work about 10 miles from home in hill country, so this has been much better than pedaling. I've been reading through the threads here and love the wisdom and ideas represented and look forward to continuing to learn and hopefully share some of my progress.

    Now, this was something I only decided to buy so that my commute was bearable while saving for a car, but now I'm kinda thinking this could be a bit more long term than expected. I love that I look forward to going to work just so I have an excuse to get the bike on the road again. Driving to work used to take me about 15 minutes, pedaling I managed to reduce from about 2 hours to just under an hour, but I was happy to find that I can make it to work in about 25 minutes on the bike with everything stock. Now I'm looking into a few upgrades including a diy lighting system, the inserts that reduce noise & vibration, replacing the muffler with an expansion chamber, and dual boost bottles. I also want to work out a trailer and add some on-board storage. Really there are many things going through my mind, but those are up toward the top of the list.

    Anyway, looking forward to getting to know the regulars here. If anyone is in East Texas near the Longview area, let me know. Maybe we can meet up some time.

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    Welcome aboard.

    You look forward to your commute now?

    Yup. You're already one of us.
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    Today I remounted the engine. I had it set up with the included universal mount, but that was digging into the frame, so I crimped the frame a bit the allow the bolts to pass on both sides and lowed the engine to be direct mounted. What a difference in vibration level. I had hardly any even at top speed. I also experienced red lining the motor for the first time. I was unsure how hard was pushing it, but now I think I have a bit of a clue, lol. Anyway, less vibration means more enjoyable and relaxed ride... which means, I was more comfortable going FOT down the highway. The get-up-and-go this thing has is amazing. Can't wait for the upgrades and a speedometer. ;)
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    welcome heXed, I've been riding my cranny for about 2 years. I think all the boost bottle does is smooth out the idle a little. And PLEASE DO NOT try rubber mounting for vibration, It only makes it worse, Trust me, Been there, done that. Thats MY rig by the fence with my trailer, 4th of July ride. MY bud Ocho Ninja Is standing in front of my shop,Thats his yellow monster with the predator engine.

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    I wanted to mention something (I could be wrong but this is the way I understand it) - The concept of a boost bottle requires that it have the same volume as the combustion chamber... So if you run two, it may cause both to not work as they were designed because of having double the combustion chamber volume. But I haven't delved deep into the boost bottle subject so I'm certainly not stating a fact, that's just what I understand about it from the research I've done.
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    Howdy. Past middle aged and a Noob here myself (Diamondback Mountain Bike + GEBE rack kit w/ Tanaka 40cc all purchased in Sept.). I'm turning my Mountain Bike into a Comfort bike replacing handle bars, seat, tires, etc. Anyways, if you have to park your bike at work, I'd recommend quality different types of locks (U-locks, heavy chain lock & maybe cable lock for minor accessories).

    Anything bike safety related a priority. Riding Gear to handle bad weather in your parts and needed tools, emergency kit, etc.
    I recently bought some riding gloves and like them.

    Yeah, it seems easy to get really obsessed with this hobby.
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    Not obsessed, PASSIONATE.LOL
    Big Red.