death by motoredbike

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  1. skyash

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    I kid or man was killed yesterday after hitting the back of a trailer on his motorized bikes. Sorry for his family. Not good for him and everyone else think I can fit in some more riding till thay are banned.

  2. Steve Best

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    This is a serious problem.
    Many of the people I see on these bikes are seriously scaring me.
    We have to keep aware of how we look to the public if we want to keep this privilege.
    Quiet mufflers, good brakes, modest speeds, and keep pedaling so you at least LOOK like a bicyclist.

    Unfortunately the 2nd amendment didn't mention MBs, and common sense ain't so common.

  3. skyash

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    Iam more in the mood to not sell these to eny one kids here do 60kmh no helmet 2 kid or 3 to a bike. I whent head on with a truck last thing I sore was the mack dog on the bonnet. and iam still here the bike is not. Kids are just going to get the motors band and kill /hert themselves. Old lady was yelling I will call the cops the author day just because of the noise
  4. Rob H

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    I agree with Steve unfortunately like many other things sooner or later someone way to far to the left or some tree hugger will pass some legislation that will make it illegal this is what happened to arc riding here in NY
  5. Rob H

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    Oops ATV riding
  6. Hello Moto!

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    It also doesn't help when every tom, dick and harry thinks they can start a business selling motorized bikes. Most of these people don't even know how to work on a bicycle let alone one with a motor!
  7. HeadSmess

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    amendment? huh? yall talking yankee talk!

    skyash is from down under, like me. they were banned where i live for the reasons outlined above. idiot kids that act like morons and get themselves wiped out. no helmets, no brakes, wrong side of the road or footpath, abusing pedestrians for not moving, general ignoramus behaviour. even seen one person with no muffler, peering intently at his mobile phone whilst doing all of the above.

    rather than getting darwin awards(posthumously), they just get the motored bikes banned for the few of us that either behave, rely on them, or both.

    just wait. elections looming. theyll ban them just afterwards, regardless of who gets in. though whoever we vote for will promptly be kicked out by someone that no-one voted for at all. strange that...

    welcome to australia, land of the free! soon we will be getting a tax for attempting to leave this fine country. have to support all these migrants that cant speak the language and require housing, education and jobs...yes. its free if you MOVE here. born here? cough up and shut up!
  8. lazylightning@mail.r

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    I've also been worried about people getting too much power out of them while being too young to know how to handle it. Up until about two years ago, there was no age restriction on scooters here in Russia. Often I would see kids about 9 years of age in heavy traffic, with a passenger on back. I'd even seen some that had to have been no more than 6 years old. So they now require the driver to be at least 16 and have a special scooter liscence. If you are an adult, then any drivers liscence will do. Up to 50cc's mind you. So when someone chats me up here at a traffic light, I've started telling them it's 50cc's just in case. But there are tons of pitbikes on the road with like 150+ cc's and they can't be registered and have no legal right to drive hem on roads. People drive them to work in the morning anyway and they are not rare to see. Cops usually dont chase bikes unless it's a mad streetbike racer that has broken the sonic boom barrier and got the traffic police honing in on him by two-way radio. The Soviet Union had tons of motorized bikes since way back. After WWII a huge factory was set up to make motorized bicycles. Engine kits like the Chinese sell were available for a small price at shops in every little town and millions of motorized bicycles were on the road. Today nearly every man over 50 years of age here in Russia and the former Soviet republics had a motorized bicycle in their childhood. They gladly will stand and chat with you for 15 or more minutes about how you did it, ...Chinese clone of the D8 Soviet bicycle engine and so on. So there is like no chance they will be banned here. Whenever I pass cops on the road here or they pass me, they are all smiles, drueling with thumbs up! I do however hesitate to teach all these kids (mostly from 9 - 16) on forums here how to make the engine become powerful. There are a number of 20+ year olds, but again, Russians love to drive fast. That was an age old proverb from back when they drove two and three horse sleds! Honestly there are tons of Porsches, Ferrari's, some Lamborghini's and tons of other really souped up automobiles and a whole street racer problem here. No matter what, these bikes cause cops to look at the machine like grannies look at kittens. There are no laws really about loud mufflers, unless you are trying to pass a mechanical inspection of your registered vehicle. Under 50cc's doesnt require any registration or inspection. They do not ticket people with loud or missing mufflers here. I don't have a muffler, but I take the stinger exhaust out of the middle of the torque pipe, so it's really not that loud even at high rev. Typical Russian drivers do not look carefully when changing lanes or expect bicycles to move fast amoung other things that further tarnish their reputations as drivers. Loud pipes save lives! Now I specially rev it up when approaching vehicles in traffic, from behind or any direction and the drivers take notice and are actually quite curtious usually and let me go first and don't squish me to the curb....usually. So I never blush about being loud on Russian roads))) Whenever I'm riding on a sidewalk or in a park or forest, as soon as I see people with children, strollers, pets or the elderly, I immediately turn off the engine and pass them as a bicycle. This usually makes mom's strolling with sleeping baby's smile at me and I smile back =-) With my bike having become capable of accelerating quite fast and sounding pretty wicked with that low rpm power, most people smile and it's easy to see that they would like to have one. Perhaps it's something specific to the crazy Russian people(in a positive way). All of the Russian motorized bicyclers have pretty much stock power ranges despite the moderate mods they have tried. Most of them don't even know about the ignition system problem and the bearings. I haven't gone riding with them when they all gather together for big rides even though I personally know the organizer and worked in a custom bicycle garage two years ago. I'm afraid that when they see what the bike can do, they will all start to do it and somebody might get hurt... It's one thing putting along like a turtle, and another to whiz around like a rocket.
  9. lazylightning@mail.r

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    Here's an interesting video of what happened to the guy that gets everybody together for the open season ride, during the open season ride. I bet you never see anyone crash this way! A front fender support unscrewed and it got wrapped around the wheel and stopped it from turning on the spot!
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  10. JunkyardDog

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    Here in AZ we are in serious danger of losing our right to ride motorized bikes because of irresponsible riders, who ride way to fast (speed limit is 20 mph, but many times that is to fast) jumping curbs, riding on sidewalks and through parks and on bike paths, using loud exhausts, and making a lot of smoke. We have a strong anti MB lobby here, and I believe it is just a matter of time till they are outlawed. Gopeds and pocket bikes which were once legal have been outlawed, for the same reasons.

    Here in AZ we have no need for fenders on bikes.
  11. lazylightning@mail.r

    lazylightning@mail.r Active Member

    Laws for motorized bikes, gopeds, minibikes should be local only. A town or city should have the right to ban them if they choose to for some reasons, but the state should not because people in rural areas and really small towns need all kinds of transport.
  12. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    I live in bfe so I use my little side roads that have 35mph speed limits and people like MBs so I might do 40mph lol;)
  13. JunkyardDog

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    28-2516. Motorized electric or gas powered bicycles or tricycles; definition
    A. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title:
    1. A certificate of title is not required for a motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle.
    2. Registration is not required for a motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle.
    3. Vehicle license tax is not imposed on a motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle.
    4. A motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle is exempt from the provisions of section 28-964 relating to required equipment on motorcycles and motor-driven cycles and from the provisions of title 49, chapter 3, article 5 relating to vehicle emissions inspections.
    5. A driver license is not required to operate a motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle.
    6. A motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle may use rights-of-way designated for the exclusive use of bicycles.
    7. A motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle is not subject to chapter 9 of this title.
    B. This section does not prohibit a local authority from adopting an ordinance that regulates or prohibits the operation of motorized electric or gas powered bicycles or tricycles, except that a local authority shall not adopt an ordinance that requires registration and licensing of motorized electric or gas powered bicycles or tricycles.
    C. For the purposes of this section, "motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle" means a bicycle or tricycle that is equipped with a helper motor that has a maximum piston displacement of forty-eight cubic centimeters or less, that may also be self-propelled and that is operated at speeds of less than twenty miles

    HB 28-2516 is statewide, but does NOT prohibit cities and towns from prohibiting motorized bicycles. However, since motorized bicycle riders statewide are abusing the rules, there are several groups, including pedal cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, pedestrians, and several others lobbying to have the law repealed. Cycling enthusiasts (the ones who ride expensive bikes and wear spandex) tried from the beginning to prevent the law from getting passed, especially the part that allows MBs to use bike lanes. And from what I have seen, if I were not a motorized bicycle enthusiast, I'd probably be one of them. Even though I ride well withing the rules, usually at no more than 10-12 mph (that was about my speed on a pedal bike back when I could ride one, and the average speed of someone on a Walmart pedal bike) I still have to deal with all the haters, who feel the way they do because of how other MB riders behave. The AZ law was intended for motorized bikes used for transportation purposes only, not street racing. I talked with Roland Bosma, former owner of Spooky Tooth Cycles about it a couple of times. It was his chance meeting with an AZ state representative at a rock concert that got the whole thing started in the first place. Yet while still located in Tucson AZ (he later moved to Bisbee before selling the company) Spooky Tooth Cycles sponsored several illegal street races in and around Tucson.
  14. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    Love to hear the cops reaction that there was an illegal street race on bicycles :D....

    Some of the things people think of lol
  15. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    The cops are constantly busting MB riders for riding way to fast. Many police departments are also on the list of groups that want MBs banned. They see them as a nuisance and a danger to pedestrians and pedal bike riders.
  16. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    I've got pulled over twice on a MB, first time I was riding with a buddy on my pegs (his bike broke down) and he had a dufflebag (MB parts) and the cop just wanted to know what was in dufflebag
    Second time the cop pulled me over to see what I was riding.... I did pass him at a light decently fast lol
    The guy tried to buy my bike!!! I told him that I had to get home so I didn't want to sell it too him :)
  17. bakaneko

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    He was properly geared and wearing a good helmet. This is the kinda random f!$% sh*t that makes me paranoid as I push my bike in the mid 30s, LOL. Imagine if he hit his head at that rotational velocity on the street without a helmet. That would certainly be a fatality.

    I have fenders and a rear rack, which I add extra support in addition to the screws and bolts it uses with wire and hose clamps. I don't think these extras are designed for the vibration and speeds that our motor bikes go at and eventually one is going to fail... hopefully not when you are going full speed :eek:
  18. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    Reason why I don't run fenders;)

    You can clean the water off you but it's hard to clean up blood when you wreck the dang things. Plus fenders make wheels harder to get off
  19. Nanonevol

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    You should know your rights! Police have no right to just randomly search you or dufflebag so I hope you did not let him!
  20. HeadSmess

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    more of that confounded yankee talk!

    op is australian, lazy lightning is russian, and well...ok, most of you are from the US. different laws, regs, restrictions in every damn country.

    we have no rights here in australia. according to an airline pilot i just met the other day, this is the MOST over-regulated country in the world.

    problem over here, is most people that take to MB's either have no license cus they cant pass the tests or are too young, or have had them suspended/cancelled/disqualified for being idiots (myself included).

    basically, it means that anti-MB groups have a very good point, and strong supporting arguments, whereas the general MB community does NOT.

    turn up to court, try and explain the situation, and the judge will simply tell you its your own fault, move to a more convenient location for public transport(no consideration its the family property and the parent is over 70, or you cant afford to move because you cant work because you have no transport) and then tell you to get a hired driver instead(easy when the driver is government supplied, like the judge gets, on his $200k a year, not so easy for someone with no job, money, transport, etc) then give you a $1500 fine+ court costs. compounding the issue.

    если бы я мог позволить себе сделать это , я бы переехать в Россию !​

    and i am fairly close to our largest city, but its still zoned as rural. it would be absolute hell for someone out in the middle of nowhere, for instance, broken hill (where mad max was filmed) though at the same time, most rural cops know everyone and will turn a blind eye if theyre behaving...