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4th Annual Motorized Bicycle Rally & Death Race 08‏
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Hi larry

It's that time of year again. Death Race 2008 is upon us. Pull out your helmets and crash gear, this years race is going to be exciting!

This is our biggest event of the year and we have a great afternoon rally planned for all alternative transportation riders in the Tucson area. The staging is set, the route is planned, bands are booked. All we need is for you, our loyal customers and friends, to join us for this big day of fun in the desert.

If you would like to participate in Death Race '08, please have your bikes prepared before the day of the rally. Fred's Repair Shop has been servicing motorized bikes in Tucson full-time for 2 years and has acquired a lot of insightful experience. Race preparation and tuning services are available through Fred by calling 520-883-6781. Please book your appointments early if you would like to have your modifications accomplished by day of the rally. For a limited time only, 30 tooth($30) and 36 tooth($25) rear drive sprockets are available through Spooky Tooth or Fred. Please call for details.

Although everyone is welcome to join the rally and after party, Death Race '08 is only open to riders of midframe 2-stroke bicycle engines. Competitiveness is encouraged, but please know this rally is only for giggles. No one dies! All local and state laws will be obeyed. Riders are HIGHLY encouraged to wear helmets. Race location will remain undisclosed until time of the event.

Riders should begin meeting at 3pm on Sunday afternoon April 20th at Rogue Cycle Works, 657 W. St. Mary's Rd. Tucson, AZ in the old Arizona Sash building (St. Mary's & I-10).

We will then rally to the race point where Death Race '08 will begin.

We have a cool all-ages after party planned at the anarchist collective, Dry River. Great prizes will be given out and music will begin at 6pm. The MC'd after party show will include Las Goats (accordion gypsy goat folk from Bisbee, AZ), and the 8 piece fire performing samba drum band of Mata Leao. Headlining the night is speed metal band KuDeGra. Sounding from the inlfuences of Pantera, Cowboys From ****, Cephalic Carnage, and YOB, these guys are METAL!

Donations will be appreciated for the show and we really hope to see you there!

Please call Roland or Heather for details. 866-243-4552

*This event is being sponsored by the Tucson community of motorized bicycle riders and is in no way associated with Spooky Tooth Cycles, LLC, its employees, partners or affiliates.

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cant wait. i dont know if i'll win again this year, cuz my buddy, paul (not an MBc member) rigged a mcculloch to his bike. says it pulls slow 'til 20mph, then hits the powerband and WANTS to do 45mph. havent seen that for myself, but i've never known him to lie.
the after-race party is gonna be sweet. i'll be the guy wearing the lampshade on his head.