Death Race 2011

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  1. fairracing31

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    Motorized Bicycle Show and Racing/Rally

    When: April 16, 2011 10am-5pm

    Where: Musselman Honda Circuit
    11800 S Harrison Road, Tucson, AZ 85747

    (520) 245- 5278

    Web site:

    For more info please email David @

    Must be a bicycle with gas or electric assist


    eye protection
    knee pads
    elbow pads
    long pants
    long sleeve shirt
    toe covering shoes

    Come on out and spend the day, enter your bike in the bike show. Cruise around the track at your own pace. Or take on some of the best motor assisted racers in the country. It will be a fun day by all.

  2. I for one can't wait!!!!!!!! Ride as fast as you can not looking over your shoulder for the man :) ;)
  3. fairracing31

    fairracing31 Guest

    Time Change of DR 2011

    Time Change for Death Race 2011

    Death Race 2011 will be under the lights!

    The start time will be 5pm and go all night long.

    Bikes will not be allowed into the pits until 5pm
  4. Tolmaster

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    Looking to share a ride and room for death race.
    From Phoenix to Tucson? 602-663-3892
  5. fairracing31

    fairracing31 Guest

    Good luck to everyone, I wish everyone a fun and safe time. See you at the track................
  6. srdavo

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  7. jaguar

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    Dionel at JNMotors emailed me this:

    "The winner was from Oregon and it was a very fast electric set up using a remote control airplane motor.

    Second and third were using Franco Morini engines....... one 10hp and the other 5.5 hp and they were latinos....

    For next year we will divide in different categories for better organization and to be fare.... We will be involved in the organization and I will have to race bikes and have my race team participate."

    Pictures are at
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  8. Animal454

    Animal454 Member

    That was awesome to watch!!
    Those pictures were amazing too.:bowdown:
  9. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see some details on the victorious ebike. He should be able to get some sponsorship from his battery supplier after winning the death race ahead of a couple of Morinis.
  10. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

  11. HI,

    I would LOVE to have gone and participated in that race....Looks like sooooo much FUN....Only Problem for me was that it was on the wrong coast! ;-)

    Anybody up for organizing an EAST coast Death Race?

  12. mbatl

    mbatl Guest

    Yes, I envy the videos of you guys racing. Surely I'm not the only one on the east that takes pride in wearing off the edges of my tires and not having chicken strips!!

    How does one go about organizing a race, just throw out dates first??