Deathtrap Project "finished!".

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Justin Fox, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Justin Fox

    Justin Fox New Member

    Hi guys,

    My bike's now ready for fuel :cool:

    I started with this skinny tubed Shogun beater at the markets for $45.

    I got the frame powdercoated Satin black and got busy building.

    A bit of death :cool:

    Almost there.

    Great eBay kickstand and magic gear!

    Elephant generator/dynamo (it'll blow the bulbs 1st run me thinks).

    Front headlight.

    Ready for fuel!


  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    nice attention to detail !
    I like the small pedal sprocket :cool2:
  3. eisle89

    eisle89 Member

    Nice clean ride, well done. Can you tell us about the lighting ?? Brands and where you found them ?
  4. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Thats one fine looking ride

    My wife still really hates my bike
  5. jtmiyake

    jtmiyake Member

    I found my lights at The problem I had was that most of these lights are set up for batteries at 3V. Most generators put out 6V or more. My hub generator puts out 6V and I had a hard time finding 6V bulbs to fit. I finally found some but they were out of the UK. I think I'll just retrofit a different type of bulb or LED.
  6. heyitstimmer

    heyitstimmer New Member

    Cool bike, from boring to bold. Where did the saddle come from.? Tim
  7. bikeman6969

    bikeman6969 Member

    get a new wife
  8. Justin Fox

    Justin Fox New Member

    Cheers guys.

    The lights are China made elephant brand from eBay. The saddle is also an eBay item. Both are VERY cheap and quite nasty!

    I used to ride motorbikes, and building this thing has me wishing I had a motorbike again... but my fiance says NO. :( Probably for the better though me thinks. :)
  9. Justin Fox

    Justin Fox New Member

    OK pics are up!

    Amazingly it started first go! Sooo much fun!

    A few problems:
    - Chain tensioner either moved, or the chain stretched which caused it to fly off 3 times.
    - My rear brake doesn't slow me down at all. I'll look into a V-Brake ASAP.
    - Fuel was leaking out from under the tank. I've since used some plumbers tape and it worked a treat!

    A few pics by Matthew Mead:




  10. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Very cool Justin-
    Since your bike has the frame posts for cantilevered brakes as it is , may i suggest a nice set of Avid single digit V brakes... they are Superior to the pot metal or stamped steel variety you will find in most bike shops.(the complete kit , front and rear with levers is only about $60 American)
    The rims brake track surface is also very important as well... be sure its free of dirt and oil...and use good quality brake pad/shoes.
    Or you COULD just slow down a
    The drive chain tensonier that comes with these kits usually aren't of the best quality...(fact is they suck)
    first... make sure the drive chain isn't riding up on the rear sprocket, if it is , dress the inner face of the sprocket with a flat file until the chain seats smoothly.
    I made a very sturdy tensioner out of two old skate board wheels that i ground down in the center to cut shoulders into, a piece of scrap aluminum plate, two shoulder blots and two u bolts, it traps the chain between the two, this solved my drive chain retention problem before i decided to use the Sick Bike Parts Shift Kit. that did away with the secondary drive chain and tensioner entirely.
    Motor on dude!
    Tommy M.

    My wife's eyeing my bike with evil intent
  11. Justin Fox

    Justin Fox New Member

    Cheers Tommy - The Avid single digit V brakes sound perfect. I'll look into them now. I'll also work out the tensioner. I've seen a fair few posts on this forum in regards to possible solutions :)
  12. wow, not only does your bike look awesome, but it looks like you have some friends around who you can race with.
  13. Justin Fox

    Justin Fox New Member

  14. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Nice! Looks clean, mean, and fast!
  15. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Well done. Love the bikini fenders. You proved that you don't need to chop and cut to make a nice boardie style motorbike.
  16. duivendyk

    duivendyk Guest

    That tensioner is an invitation to disaster:
    1) the large 'kink' in the chain will cause it to buckle easily if your engine ever has a tendency to seize up.Then it can get into the spokes,result:nasty spill.Get rid of it and get something more sturdy, shortening the chain would be a good idea too,because that would significantly reduce the transverse force on the tensioner.
  17. kraash

    kraash Member

    where did you get those short crome fenders?