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    Gday im Uzi, an Aussie living in California who spends his down time messing around with building bikes that arn't the norm, like the zillions you see on the roads here in the US. Im all about recycling and repurposing the materials i use in my builds with the exception of the power plants. This is my first real build that i feel happy posting, this is one of 4 i have put together but over all this one is by far the one that turns heads. I have lost count how many people have stopped while having this parked out the front of home working on it, i hope you like and feel free to leave your comments. I admit i am no bike builder but i lover to create stuff from scratch and i really am partial to the early Indians BSA and Harley board racer bikes of the early 1900s

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    They look great with that long wheelbase.
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    Now that is some serious "bikeage" and .....

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    Yeah thanks, the back end is adjustable as well you can rest the axle on one of 3 slots as well as tighten up the threaded bolts bracing it all to lower the ass end or raise it to get the pedals off the ground.