1. Maxvision

    Maxvision New Member

    I saw that you can buy decal paper for printers. Havent checked the paper out yet, dont know if they are the wet and stick or sticky back. Was wondering if anyone has tried printing their own? I was thinking if the quality was ok, I could just spray some clear laquer over the decal after it was applied.

  2. luke

    luke Guest

    i would love to know about this as well also a good free and easy programe to help designe transfers.
    thanks luke
  3. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Ironically I was wondering about this very thing. As far as doing them at home on water transfers, what about the ink in your printer. It would have to be water proof for sure. I've never seen water proof printer inkl, but then again, I've never looked for any. Please keep us posted on this issue.
  4. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Another solution, depending on what you want to copy, is print on sticky back and make a stencil. In my case I just want the word Schwinn on my fuel tank. I'm thinking of copying the word off my chain guard which is about the scale I want on sticky back, taking an X-Acto knife and cutting out the letters, put the sticky back on my tank and then air brushing the letters. Let the paint dry, remove the stick back and clear coating. Labor intense though. But after it's all said and done and your pleased with it, it's always nice to stand back, look and say, "Hey, I did that !".
  5. spbwsean

    spbwsean Member

    i have used the software and paper....it is water transfer decals and it does work great. I clear coated over them with no problem....just make sure to do a cpl very very light coats of clear before going heavy so the ink doesn't fade and the decals don't slide.
  6. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    So it takes special software huh ? And where do you get the paper. I looked for some at Walmart tonight and found nothing. I figure I might find it at Staples or another similar store.
  7. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    You don't need special software for decals stickers or transparencies. Since the paper is expensive do proofs on regular paper until you come up with what you want.

    Try OfficeMax or Staples for Avery Stickers. You can get a(10 pack of 8 1/2 x 11 sticker, don't remember the price.
  8. Maxvision

    Maxvision New Member

    Want to make fancy graphics, go to http://www.gimp.org
    GIMP is a freeware graphics program that works as well as Photoshop.

    If you want fancy fonts there are endless ones available for free online. If you're running Windows, install new fonts from the Fonts folder in Windows Control Panel.
  9. spbwsean

    spbwsean Member

    sorry ihtoyght you were refering to water transfer decals.....there is a kit you can easily find online to make your own...comes with software and paper. theyre great cuz they are really thin and you can clear coat over them.....much better than a regular decal.....which you probably would not want to clear coat over as thyre thick etc
  10. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    I know testors makes some...
  11. possenti

    possenti Member

    Yeah, I think we talked about this product. I've had good results with this decal paper. It's the same material that is used on model kits - the wet n' slide things. I was a little skeptical about using printer ink because it seems so vulnerable to moisture, but the sealer spray that comes with the kit does the job.

    It even came with a small CD-ROM with some type of graphic program on it, but I just used photoshop. You can find it in the model section of most hobby shops. The paper comes in clear and white for different applications.
  12. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Thanks Possenti for being heads-up and posting to the thread.

    I was pretty sure it was testors! Wasn't possitive! I do remember it was you who told me tho!